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  1. Haven't ventured over to check yet but.... My guess is that Gaschat is going to be littered with comments about how 'Joey/Wally are true, proper gasheads, how they can see something special in the supporters, and that their numbers are fantastic and they are really special, and that everyone knows how great they are'.
  2. Redevelopment of the stadium so we have space behind both goals and away fans are confined to the toilets. Unlikely to happen, folks!
  3. Fewers reckon they sold about 9000 tickets for today, but only 8200 turned up. Classic #Gaslogic in place here. Buy ticket, remember cost of living crisis, decide to save for winter by not putting fuel in the car, miss game.
  4. Talk of balloons got me thinking back to other stuff thar went on in Bristol when I was a young 'un. Just watched this. Haven't things changed. (If you just want to watch a non fatal crash, that is towards the end of the video, you ghoul).
  5. Pleased to see that there are electric charging points for cars at the RHPC. Wonder how far Kalas can take his lamborghini when it is juiced? On a more serious note, would be nice to see some offsetting, fly to Hull, plant a shit load of trees. Build a stadium, provide a village green... oh, hang on.
  6. Most pleasing of the initiative isn't the reduction in carbon, or the food they donate. It's the fact the RHPC us a Gas Free facility. Take that Fewers! You ain't welcome.
  7. At least they have stopped that bonkers draw they did in the first year or two of their sponsorship.
  8. I am more amazed at Palmer showing more enthusiasm for the game than any of his teammates than I am at the score and the victory.
  9. On a yellow, isn't very good, bring JET on.... Standard OTIB response to anything. Oh, probably wasn't coached by Pembo. Best coach in the world apparently.
  10. It's even worse than that. Some threads are appearing multiple times.
  11. Also, who gets the home dressing room, given that both sides are away.
  12. Wonder if Coventry are offering travel for supporters who had planned on being in Coventry.
  13. Where did the neutral venue information you heard about come from?
  14. You would expect City to have made an announcement if the game was subject to an inspection, just to stop people booking travel.
  15. https://the18.com/soccer-photos/18-worst-football-pitches-fields?amp
  16. Pics of the pitch. https://www.ccfc.co.uk/news/2022/august/news-coventry-city-versus-rotherham-united-game-postponed/
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