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  1. See in. In full agreement with @richwwtk Because it my world, 'disagree' means 'fully agree'. (Yes, I am being daft).
  2. Imagine if you were trying to have a big poo just as that started. Proper off putting I would guess. Animals.
  3. Quick! Save the cups......
  4. It's like SportsDirect meets the cotton wash on the Hotpoint.
  5. I thought 'journeyman' meant very average, which isn't what I would associate with the English second tier.
  6. I don't think you can call Championship players journeymen.
  7. Do recall a player who seems so fondly remembered by fans or all clubs he played for. Just got the impression that he loves being able to get paid to kick a ball and everyday he probably pinches himself and thinks... wow! This has really happened. Always played with a smile
  8. Did they bring your daughters back within their warranty period?
  9. Not sure it's the booze that much these days that causes people to misbehave.
  10. And of course, the world has the Fewers as their second team*. *source, Gaschat.
  11. Dunno if he has been to the Mem. I'll have a look.
  12. Leeds. He was beside himself when he got a match worn Bamford shirt.
  13. Didn't see any value whatsoever is booing Pack or Flint, both were great for us, moved on for fees and both have hopefully earned enough to have some choices once their playing days come to an end. Also, we had their best years. I'm sure they have nothing done well since leaving us, but I don't imagine either of them are still developing as players.
  14. He has taken in some grounds over the series, a lot of non-league stuff as well as European games, so worth a follow. Seems to really buy-in to his day out.
  15. Yeah, his football shirt videos are usually well worth watching, I don't have any real interest in collecting football shirts, but the videos are well worth a watch.
  16. Not surprised. There were 2,500 desperate for a wee. But some wrong uns had rendered the toilets the source of their ire. Which makes perfect sense..... IF YOU SUFFER WITH A MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION. Really don't understand what the toilets did to deserve that. Their primary purpose is, 'to take the piss' that doesn't automatically mean they are laughing at you.
  17. For those who following the Away Days YouTube channel, you might already know that the game today was ours. The video is up quite early (and linked below), but for those unfamiliar with the channel, it's all about football shirts and away games. Just watched it and it's well worth 15 minutes of your evening. And if you aren't familiar with the channel, the football shirt videos are well worth a watch as well.
  18. Was a bit unnecessary. Hopefully we don't get fined given that every penny counts now.
  19. It is. I managed to spell 'come' as 'cone'.
  20. My old man used to bump in to him around Longwell Green a lot a number of years back, said he was a lovely bloke. Passionate about Bristol, loves the City of Bristol and just want to be associated with a successful region he is really proud to cone from. Difficult to argue with that.
  21. Remember when there was (on here) a month long argument around the club using the furlough scheme? Things could be worse.
  22. I think, without a qualified or forensic understanding of accounts or law that pretty much sums it up. These claims. If they have merit, the EFL need to decide where - and quickly. If they are football creditors, they need to say. If they don't, then the EFL need to come out and say that these claims outside of EFL governance then they also need to be crystal. The bit I struggle with is that of course they should be football creditors, they are claiming a loss based of Derby not playing by the rules in the league. The fact the EFL won't back that up suggests that after all this time, says we aren't sure. Are the rules (for the EFL) really that grey?
  23. Have a look at the CyclingMikey YouTube channel. Not that he is being deliberately antagonistic for clicks, likes and revenue.
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