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  1. Did anyone buy a ticket, and are you actually in the sweep?
  2. So the game is due to restart at the point it was suspended. Half time will be just 5 minutes, and then on with the second half.
  3. I think Joe Jordan's teeth have already been knocked out.
  4. God this is distressing.
  5. I blame the sunshine here. For reasons I can't fully understand, I thought this thread was about Wes Burns. Sorry everyone.
  6. Average player having an average career who, if it wasn't for reward/accident of birth, would be watching International football on television.
  7. Not just Fanta, this is M&S FAKE Fanta.
  8. When Wally says about paying tribute to those they've lost over the last 14 months, does he mean supporters who have died, or does he mean Garner, Tisdale, Sunderland, Doncaster...
  9. That was the argument David James made about why, in addition to the U21 and full England team, they should reintroduce England B. You might get a young keeper who goes through the England youth set-up and plays U21s, but his next game might be 6 years later and in a tournament for the first time, it would also be useful for players who have matured and are on the fringes but haven't played internationally a chance to impress, even giving Championship players an opportunity to see if a good club season can translate to a second-string England side.
  10. So they have taken a member of their board, who was previously Head of recruitment and director of football, and given him a role similar to that of Tins, where amongst their duties they will oversee the loan of developing players... Now, Tins does a fantastic job, made all the more challenging by the huge number of players we have developed meaning his work provides first team opportunities, players who might struggle to make it at their stage of their career to make their mark in the Championship, but the league experience still gives them a chance of a league career. What is their loans manager going to do from a basement club? Send players off to the park and see if anyone fancies a kick about. Tinpot.
  11. Were they using Robins TV and did Downsey hear the case?
  12. Joey wanted more width.... bandwidth.
  13. Well, they have been on about needing to improve their scouting.
  14. So is this a first then? No one seems outraged by the designs, and whilst a few are a bit concerned by the pricing, most people think they have got this spot-on.
  15. The 'name' is part of the price yes, bit generally branded clothing is made from better quality materials.
  16. Just to add, by way of comparison.. https://www.englandstore.com/en/england-national-team-football-kits/t-36946060+d-9005329493+z-91-3556219275?cs=3
  17. Not sure about being 'priced out' for a lot of people thirty quid is a few hours in a pub with the Doris at a tenner a round, or a splash-and-dash visit to a petrol station. For those who wouldn't ordinarily spend that sort of money on a t-shirt, it probably dies seem pricey, for those who likely spend double that, it looks like fair value.
  18. And the 70% off section at https://www.terracesmenswear.co.uk/ often throws up a few bargains.
  19. Have to say.... they look quite smart. Not my sort of thing, but you would imagine that they'll shift those in strong numbers. Would guess the youth will be impressed. Price wise, seems to be on point for items you won't find elsewhere, somewhere between 'branded' and high-street. Hope they do well out of it.
  20. Deviant! I was about to post the same.
  21. You keep doing these challenges, and I'll happily throw coins in the ring. They helped a pal who was ill (and sadly passed), so a bit of my hard earned to worthy cause is no drama.
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