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  1. They likely had some spare tarmac and a tin of green paint.
  2. Hope I'm wrong then! - sounds to me like an ineffective Supporters Club, with membership made up of the least organised set of supporters out there has been unable to work with a club for a significant amount of time for reasons various. Maybe they'll now start to question why Wael has never held a senior role in any of the family businesses! Soap opera stuff! And another gift.
  3. Reads like if I go down, I'm taking everyone with me. Surely a more dignified exit would be, it has been a pleasure to serve, good memories, had over the baton, new direction etc... Also. GORDON BENNETT.
  4. So a house-gnome. Must be one of the few never to have been locked out.
  5. They don't. When the club announced they were signing the GOAT it was an actual .
  6. Capacity is far in excess of 2,000. Not like a Fewer to get attendance numbers wrong.
  7. I think just asking up there means you have volunteered to BE their 3rd keeper.
  8. I struggle to read the word 'embargo' without thinking of Canadian rapper at patois speaker, Snow. Licky boom-boom down.
  9. I wouldn't. Most of them seem to think it's jealousy and they have done nothing wrong as the EFL said something about something, and anyway, they have Rooney and it's that Gibson bloke at Boro who is the problem and so what if we sold the stadium, that's just being clever... oh, and we are untouchable and Mel is a fan.... Seriously, for those who could see the problems approaching, yes; they have my sympathy. But for the bullish who claimed all manner of reasons why this couldn't happen to them because a mate down the pub is self employed and knows about business... less so.
  10. I think Mark Goldberg somehow bought Palace from Ron Noades (with money loaned to him by Noades) - but that didn't include the ground.
  11. It was originally owned by Martika*, who realised that fake Fanta and out of date crisps might not be the imagine she wanted to present, so moved that catering franchise on. *one for fans of middle of the road pop.
  12. If buyers are thin on the ground, do League One accept teams in administration? I'm thinking they probably do (Bolton were still on administration I think), but I have a feeling the Conference don't. Not that they are anywhere near that.
  13. Quick question. Has Mel run low on funds, or simply run out of ways to bend the rules? By that, I mean is he committed to finding a safe pair of hands to take the club on, or does he just want shot regardless of the outcome.
  14. Nope. They were real, and they tasted as bad as it sounds.
  15. ^ Nothing about chips, mind. #Forgotten.
  16. Apparently last seen in Bedminster. So call the police if you've seen him.
  17. It's the Green Cross Code man, wearing some ill fitting Y-fronts, shitting out a very straight white dogs-egg.
  18. This is the most correct anyone has ever been on the Internet. Golden Wonder know the score.
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