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  1. Apparently it’s OK as long as you pretend to be someone else.
  2. Delighted for Chris Martin. He’s no world beater but also clearly didn’t deserve the pelters received this week. One ******** even calling him lazy. Ridiculous.
  3. It’s generated automatically via Opta. All the match information (stats, scores, line-ups etc) comes from them.
  4. Wouldn't disagree at all. He was the best player on the pitch at Cardiff. The international break will do him good, but more generally I do wish we weren't so reluctant to hook him after an hour occasionally. I guess that's the lack of forward options for you...
  5. To call Martin lazy/disinterested is incredibly harsh. Slow/immobile? By all means. The guy, at nearly 33, needs a rest instead of us running him into the ground for the second season running.
  6. Having slept on it, this is what’s really irking me with Tyreeq. The bits he keeps falling short on - concentration, awareness, defensive effort - are all absolutely controllable. Players giving 100% but having a bad game/dip in form I can live with, but the above I just really struggle to tolerate - especially when, as a central player, those things are absolutely his job.
  7. He’ll be in League One this time next year without a significant mentality shift IMO. Which, by the way, would be a huge, huge waste of natural ability.
  8. I thought we were OK from the start of the second half until they scored. Completely lost our way after the goal, though, and played into their hands from that point onwards. I think we’ve won/drawn with the same level of performance so far this season.
  9. During my home and away days during the early to mid 2000s, EVERY first-teamer had their own song and when the players ran out pre-match you’d go through the entire XI and get a clap. Mad that now our record signing doesn’t even have a song after three years with us!
  10. The thing about his role is interesting. I agree he’s not necessarily a box-to-box midfielder in the sense that he’ll run beyond people in either direction - I see of him as more of a D-to-D midfielder in that he’s an absolute all-rounder but his passing ability and vision is such that you want the game in front of him. I think he’d be wasted as a holding midfielder though - I want him in positions where he can play people in, not just start the play off. Does that make sense?!
  11. I think he could be an absolute star - but it’s up to him to get himself into the shape of his life over the next 12 months or so now. The fitter he gets the more good decisions he’ll make in and out of possession and, when that happens, there’s a potential Premier League player in there.
  12. As I said in another reply, fans would be broadly happy with 12th but can’t accept the inconsistency that lands you in mid-table (ie losing as often as you win!). Ultimately, the bigger picture here is that at the moment it’s all about slowly building towards something, creating a better culture and togetherness, putting in an infrastructure on and off the pitch, building foundations to push on. And all of the above has to be bigger than just a desperation to win any individual game. It has to be. It was that very desperation that caused Lee’s downfall - he stopped trusting his own beliefs, forgot the bigger picture and, though he talked a good game about identity, in practice sacked it off for short-term success. To give an example now - I don’t think for a second playing four centre-backs at home to Luton would be Nigel’s preference. No way. And I suspect he’s knowingly not picked his “best” team there. But that back four has also just kept a clean sheet off the back of a good display at Cardiff - what message does that send to an entire group if you’re going to just tear it up? Because this isn’t about beating Luton at home - this is about putting us in a position to get promoted in 1/2/3 years. I do understand fans being frustrated with that, when you’re forking out for tickets and travelling miles. It’s not cheap and I forgive anyone for wanting it to happen for us right now. But personally I’m glad the club are no longer thinking like that - because IMO that’s what almost ultimately got us relegated. Sorry, got a bit waffly, but hopefully you understand my point.
  13. Not scrolled any further so apologies if this clashes with other replies but this is exactly it. My impression is the vast majority of fans “say” they would be happy with mid-table - given the context of last season and the state of the squad - but are unable to accept the process of achieving such a finish. Ultimately, coming 12th means losing roughly as many as you win and drawing a fair few too. Sometimes you’ll play well (Swansea home, Cardiff away) and sometimes you won’t (Boro away, Luton home). You’ll have good runs and bad runs. Etc etc. But I think anyone who can’t see overall we’re on the road to recovery (and maybe those who can’t don’t truly realise what a mess we were in in terms of both the squad and our FFP position to fix it) is short sighted and probably brought hang ups from last season into this.
  14. Nicky Hunt - To travel forwards but do so at such a slow pace that it appears as though you're moving backwards. Handily doubles up as Bristol rhyming slang.
  15. Can't believe nobody has done Bas Savage - to inexplicably fall on your arse for no reason whatsoever.
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