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  1. All I'm after is a team I can feel proud of and identify with. I've not felt that for a couple of years.
  2. I think - while far from perfect - he’s got better over time and broken some decent stories when a) that’s becoming more difficult generally because of the way clubs micromanage output and b) he has no local ties so has had to start from scratch. I suspect we’ll agree to disagree on some of this stuff though, which is obviously fine! Edit: just to add, I would stress it really is more difficult than ever to be a local football reporter (and, while I’m not one, I speak to many at all levels of the pyramid) so I probably empathise with Gregor more than most. It’s not the profession it once was and it’s very easy to criticise from afar (although it’s important journalists are held to account too!).
  3. It’s a curious punt to take, publishing something like that at this stage of the summer, but also worth saying none of us know what their off-camera relationship is like. And, as someone else said, it could be aimed at Dave Barton and co as much as the manager.
  4. I think Gregor is far better than you’re giving him credit for in terms of exclusives. His reporting during the Dean Holden appointment was absolutely spot on, for example, to the point where he was actually going out on a bit of a limb at times in going against what many of the nationals were saying. He was bang on throughout though - and wasn’t particularly popular on here at the time for being the bearer of bad news! Personally, I think we’re fairly lucky with Gregor in comparison to others elsewhere and some of those who’ve come before him. There are times he doesn’t really seem to read the room in terms of his questioning, which can end up making interviews/interviewees awkward, but he’s never afraid to hold the club to account and that is much, much easier said than done with relationships to keep.
  5. It's a little bit like meeting up with a young relative you've not seen for a few months - they really shoot up fast these days.
  6. I'm sure he's getting loads of help from behind the scenes - and that's absolutely not to take any credit away from him because, as you rightly say, one way or another he's out there making an actual difference. It just makes this whole notion that because he's doing a few bits and pieces for good causes and his form has dipped the two MUST be linked beyond ridiculous. I make no apologies for repeating - it's utterly stupid.
  7. I hate this. Being 100% dedicated to your job and being a kind, generous and socially-aware person are not mutually exclusive. Don't be so stupid.
  8. Little tip - use Soccerbase for footie stats. I've never come across an inaccuracy regarding Premier League/EFL players. Although it turns out @GrahamC beat me to it, if I'd actually bothered to scroll down before replying! And some of us absolutely do factcheck, yes!
  9. Obviously brutal at international level but imagine if he produced that for us at the level we’re at 7/8 games out of 10? He’d end up in Championship team of the year.
  10. I thought we played really well against a very good side. There’s definitely a bit of snobbery about it ‘only’ being Croatia and not Germany or whoever - even if subconscious - but that lot are a strong team. It was just very controlled from us and in that sort of heat too. And we had really good possession against a team that passed us off the park three years ago. The middle three - Rice, Phillips and Mount - was the key but for me and it’ll be interesting to see how that develops as the games go on. I don’t see Phillips getting that much freedom to bomb forward again, it was a superb tactical move to play him in the role he did. Can’t really have too many complaints.
  11. Just hope we keep it simple personally. Thought there was way too much detail on last season’s shirt, like we were trying to fill every little gap possible with something quirky and original. I hope they’ve made a concerted effort to get them out in good time too. Again, the shambles last year would’ve cost the club thousands.
  12. As someone has pointed out already, some of his stuff here is pretty funny. He and Yannick were at the club together for a grand total of three days. They probably never even trained with one another!
  13. I think as long as his focus is on the non-football stuff - and I'm sure this will be the case with Nigel Pearson now in position - it looks a superb appointment.
  14. Amazing it's not broken down yet.
  15. I think if someone can knit our posts together the nail has been hit firmly on the head IMO.
  16. As I said in reply to you the other day (I think it was you, but forgive me if not), nobody can be certain of success. I definitely have doubts. It just feels really reactionary to have changed opinion based on the very little we’ve seen and in the circumstances he’s inherited. So, I do find it incredible and it’s a view I struggle to understand or empathise with, but one I respect all the same. And the one thing I’m sure we will agree on is that whatever path the board chooses let’s hope it leads to success. It’s not about points scoring between fans is it? We’re on the same team.
  17. Ultimately, though, the reason he was brought in - and the reason fans overwhelmingly supported the appointment - was because of his vast experience, know-how, understanding of the game and previous success at this level. None of that has changed because we’ve lost a few games, so why would he suddenly now not be the right option? I find it incredible, though not at all surprising, people have been seriously swayed by what’s happened in the past two months. A team that was losing prolifically has continued to lose prolifically. It is giving them a headache in terms of the timing of any longer-term deal, though, I think that’s a really good point. It’s a difficult one to make a big song and dance about in the middle of a long winless sequence. But really that’s just aesthetics.
  18. A "knee injury". Yeah, alright Nigel.
  19. I’d have Bob the Builder up front ahead of Famara at the moment. He doesn’t want to be here and has sacked it in. While I take your point let’s still be careful to remember, though, the volume of goals he’s scored at this level and that when he’s on it he’s a decent player at this level. Last night Akinfenwa, at 38, scored his first ever goal in the second tier.
  20. I think it’s very hard to judge him on the situation he’s inherited - again, simply because of the vacuum he’s walked into. A third of the squad is injured and half of the squad are about to leave the club. That’s fairly unique. I just feel at some point you’ve got to stop whizzing through managers because they’ve not done it after 10 games and put faith in someone that’s been there, done it and is proven. Nigel Pearson is that. I completely understand the reservations about Pearson the man - some will like him, some won’t. That’s fine and I certainly respect that opinion. And can I guarantee he’ll be a success? Obviously not, he might completely flop. So you can me all you like - I’m not 100% he’s going to work out either - but I’m basing my view on the whole picture rather than a couple of really poor months.
  21. Why Nigel Pearson? Because he knows how to win promotion out of this league and has had success at more than one club. Controversial opinion: I don’t think the situation is anywhere near as bad as people make out. Granted, we’re having a shit time and the playing squad is a mess, but with 14 out-of-contract players and the chance to restructure recruitment with Mark Ashton leaving, I think it’s pretty exciting to see what happens next. People forget how quickly things can change and the blessing of our situation is that change is now able to happen. The manager overseeing that has to be experienced, though, and if it’s not Pearson we’re wasting valuable time right now. Personally, I’d be plonking him on a two-year contract and tapping into every bit of his knowledge.
  22. You can tell by his touch and awareness of what's around him there's a player there. It'd be interesting to see him after a full pre-season. As I've said previously, though, I think he's hard to properly judge without seeing him live IMO.
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