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  1. If Joey told him all this before he signed, then it must be true .... "What was big on bringing me down to Bristol is the fans, the club and how massive the club is. Obviously I have played at Fleetwood and Accrington and no disrespect to them sides but the fan base here is unbelievable"
  2. Local Team .... National Embarrassment (even if it is just the Daily Mail):- Bristol Rovers REMOVE Joey Barton's astonishing rant about club's previous managers being 'negligent' from their website after being threatened with legal action by ex-boss Paul Tisdale Bristol Rovers have been forced to remove Joey Barton's rant from their website Barton hit out at his predecessors in an astonishing rant earlier this year Barton sparked controversy by accusing his previous coaches of ‘negligence’ Rovers took swift action after being contacted by ex-boss Paul Tisdale's lawyers Bristol Rovers REMOVE Joey Barton's rant about club's previous managers from their website | Daily Mail Online
  3. Joey "Dick" Barton ... Special Agent! 3 wins in 18 games 0.61ppg 5 games in a row without scoring a goal Took a team in 18th to 24th "Joey Barton says his ambition is to get Bristol Rovers out of League One." Phase 1 ..... Complete!
  4. Memories Light the corners of my mind Misty watercolour memories Of the way they got relegated ...
  5. Anyone else want to see the G*s finish rock bottom of L2 on the last day of next season?
  6. Five years, eh?! So much for Mystic Meg ....
  7. This is the latest from the Mem car park of all the cardboard cut out fans who couldn't get in ...
  8. Apparently, the Magic Gnome cast a wicked spell on OTIB and it turns out that for every page of this thread, they would sell a season ticket ... so as we rapidly approach Page 1300, their CEO can brag about their massive popularity!
  9. It is supposed to be a big secret that the new training complex will also include a 5 star hotel ...but the delivery of the first mattress has rather given the game away!
  10. I'll just leave this here for all the Sag visitors today ...
  11. Never forget.................. "The Premier League of Rich Clubs"
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