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  1. Well spotted Pike. I was waiting to see who would spot that one.
  2. They play another former winner of the European cup, PSV Eindhoven, in the next round. Will be interesting to see how they go against them.
  3. Neither of the Sheffield clubs have played below tier 3. Could possibly be the record for tier 3?
  4. It finished 3 -1 to the CSS. There seems to be a glitch in the BBC reporting of the Mini Huns results. They reported Saturday’s game as being abandoned as well.
  5. 25-1 with William Hill to get relegated back down to the conference where they belong. £10 on the nose more than pays for the end of season champagne celebration.
  6. Going back to today’s game, and putting my head above the parapet, I thought COD played well, MotM contender alongside Baker and James.
  7. Alex Scott looks the long term solution, although I would think he’ll need this season and perhaps the next one to be physically strong enough. In the meantime Bakinson could be worth another try further forwards.
  8. Swop Simpson for Vyner, Kalas for Atkinson and Wells for Martin and I think that will be the side that starts against Blackpool.
  9. King who signed Magna Carta Ebenezer good bloke uniform Spanish him.
  10. Malago

    robins tv

    I think the priority is to make us difficult to beat.
  11. NP said in his last interview that he’d be fit for the start of the season.
  12. I like the idea of all drawn league games going to a penalty shoot out with the winning side getting an extra point. Two advantages. 1. Players will get a lot more practice under pressure 2. It’ll stop the early leavers in the Dolman.
  13. Looking at the schedule the first match is on 21st Nov and the final on the 18th Dec. Presumably the countries will want their players available for warm up games from the beginning of Nov, which means the Prem will be suspended for at least 2 months. Anybody know if the intention is to suspend the championship as well?
  14. It’s not as if other championship clubs have an advantage over us. Apart from the relegated clubs with their PP we’re all in the same boat.
  15. I remember the Boxing Day game 1975 against Plymouth. They had Paul Mariner and Billy Rafferty up front and we had Cheese and Tom Ritchie. 2-2 draw, a fantastic game as I remember, and two brace of strikers who were both top class. RIP Paul.
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