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  1. Memories of the 4-3 game way back in the early 70s, which was a first home game of the season.
  2. More than a passing resemblance to,Horrible Harris out of Porridge
  3. The Crown v Joey Barton is the fixture I’m looking forward to most.
  4. Southgate subs have changed the game.
  5. Excellent co commentary from Graham Le Saux. Telling it as it is.
  6. That’s schoolboy defending.
  7. Is there a shred of evidence that Coventry are interested in Palmer, or is this a clutching at straws thread?
  8. England v Wales is like us v the Gas. On player ability we should beat them comfortably, but it rarely works out like that.
  9. Wales beat Austria to get to this game.
  10. Let’s hope so.
  11. I meant the quickly taken free kick.
  12. Controversial start.
  13. Mark my words the dirty ground stealers will at some stage try and piggy back themselves on the development of the Rec.
  14. We seem to have woken up.
  15. Preening referee gets himself into the game.
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