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  1. Americanisms annoy me, particularly, back in the day. There are a multitude of English equivalents which are much more lyrical, such as: in the mists of time, way back when, halcyon times, the days of yore, when God was in short trousers etc
  2. Ronaldo’s bottom lip has sunk lower than the Titanic.
  3. Was it Vyner who needlessly gave the ball away at the end there?
  4. Or if your glass is half full: Reffed us three times I think, yet to lose.
  5. I find it strange there are no direct trains from Parson St to Wycombe. What was Brunel thinking?
  6. Bore off. We’re Bristol City supporters: getting carried away is what we do.
  7. Now four strikers on. Rarely works. Hope I’m wrong.
  8. We show glimpses of being a really good side and the we do something amateurish. We lack consistency and the ability to control a game. Sunderland are there for the taking. Really frustrating.
  9. You’re goin need a bigger bag!
  10. If you’re abroad you need a VPN to watch the iplayer. I mentioned turning off your location because, there are some sites that you can’t use, Bt sports, C4, occasionally the BBC, even with a VPN, but you can with a Vpn and your locator switched off.
  11. He’s Scottish. It’s in their nature to try and distract from, and belittle the achievements of English Football. This being Women’s Football the distraction is a little more subtle than the usual bile they come out with.
  12. A middle aged man sporting an Alice Band. He looked like a tit and he refereed like one as well.
  13. Comic cuts. That’s the third pen this Ref has given against us in four games.
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