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  1. Dasilva fast asleep for the first. Can’t defend a long throw for the second. Simpson plays our best through ball of the season for the third. All avoidable. That said WBA should have had three or four more. Utter Crap.
  2. These days there years is a lifetime in football. At the start of next season I would hope we would have a core of Bentley Tanner Pring Atkinson Kalas Baker James Scott Weimann i expect/hope we will have moved on CoD, Palmer, Wells, Martin and Bakinson, Vyner and Moore. I would expect HMN will have moved on at his own volition. Williams may or may not firm part of the core. Obviously injury dependent. Let's hope one of two of the U23s progress sufficiently to make the first team squad on merit. That said, we will need to bring in seven or eight decent championship proven players to make ourselves competitive, always assuming we’re still in the championship. How we do that, I’m pleased to say, is not my problem.
  3. Poor decision making by Cam Pring cost us the 2nd
  4. 1-0 at half time. I’m confused. It’s that equivalent to lifting 5, 10 or 15kg, or seeing it’s half time do you have to divide the weights in two? Can anybody help? Concerned of Bedminster.
  5. After a flying start with a win against the Port Out Starboard Home, the big question is, will this be a Red October?
  6. Stern John, how can we forget Stern John
  7. City’s naval, ships, boats etc eleven off the top John Galley Bradley Orr Jack Wren jantzen Derrick Chris Crowe Joe Royle Navy Must be others.
  8. From The Times “Game in Numbers - Red Cards” Later in 1997 the third tier produced another game of five red cards: Bristol Rovers’ David Pritchard was sent off in first-half stoppage time for a second booking, and a fight while awaiting the resulting free kick led to the dismissals of his team-mates Jason Perry and Andy Tillson, along with Wigan’s Graeme Jones (watched by his Wigan colleague and future Belgium managerial partner Roberto Martinez). Rovers’ Josh Low was sent off in the second half for a second yellow card. Another shameful episode in the history of the “Family Club”
  9. As an aside, that’s a really odd photo in the background. It’s one half the Lansdown stand and one half the old Williams stand with the Golden Virginia tabocco ad, except the stand looks far too big to be the Williams. Who are the figures in front of the dug out? which also looks like it’s from yesteryear.
  10. If you’d have offered me 13 points from the first 10 games at the start of the season I’d have snatched your hand off, so from that point of view a satisfactory start. The obvious pluses are HNM, Rob Atkinson, Cam Pring and the signing of George Tanner. We’re short up front but we all knew that before the season started. Our set plays are poor, we’re vulnerable down our right hand side and we lack composure in the final third. Not great, but not bad either.
  11. The highlight for me was Chris Martin, clean through on goal, doing a more than decent impression of the Harry Brown, the old sand dredger that use to chug up and down the Docks.
  12. Two bang average teams playing out a mediocre game. One bit of quality, or more likely a mistake, decides it.
  13. Dudley. Second largest town in the UK after Reading. Doesn’t have a professional football team.
  14. Malago

    U23 v Posh

    You can see why Pearson called Janneh raw.
  15. Malago

    U23 v Posh

    The two strikers and the no 7 look particularly impressive.
  16. Tomorrow 1pm. Anybody seen whether it’s on Robins TV?
  17. It’s beginning to remind of how we played under Tiny Penis.
  18. HTF are we not at least 3-0 down. Desperately predictable going forwards and apart from the superb Bentley, poor, poor, poor at the back.
  19. For me the picture quality is ok. What gets my goat is the constant showing of replays when the game is in progress and continual shots of the two benches, again, when the game is in progress. The commentary is risible but I can control that problem with the mute button
  20. Played 6, won 2, lost 2, drawn 2, GD 0, tells you exactly where we are at the moment. Pearson has steadied a sinking ship. Lots to work on, but nothing to be fearful of.
  21. I think it will be the same team as against Cardiff, except Baker will replace Kalas at CB and Dasilva will replace Baker at LB.
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