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  1. For me the picture quality is ok.  What gets my goat is the constant showing of replays when the game is in progress and continual shots of the two benches, again, when the game is in progress.  The commentary is risible but I can control that problem with the mute button  

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  2. 2 minutes ago, bcfc01 said:


    “I’ve got my professional life at stake here because if I can’t get Bristol Rovers promoted out of this division, I’m not going to get the top jobs I want, I’m not going to get to work up the food chain for these big clubs, so I’ve got a lot invested.”

    The only big club he’s going to be in charge of is the one for breaking rocks at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

  3. 3 hours ago, GrahamC said:

    Pretty sure there was on a post on here a while back saying he returned to his home town of Hereford after his playing days ended & still has a business there.

    Just at the start of my time watching City so was too young to appreciate him, but understand he had real potential, which was evidenced by Shankly signing him.

    Fairly certain he was from Glastonbury originally Graham.  He finished his career at Hereford though and I think you’re right in that he settled there.

  4. School holidays used to go down and watch the players train in Greville Smyth park.  iIRC lots of PE and very little ball work.  Used to hang around the Robins cafe for autographs and watch the players tuck into fry ups and mugs of tea.  

  5. Re their goal, our defence was sitting too deep.  The same on Tuesday for Reading’s 2nd.  Both then and tonight, the opposition got the wrong side of HNM and were able to drive into a acres of space.  I suspect we’re sitting too deep because we’re worried about the ball over the top and our lack of pace amongst the back 4. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

    Just wonder on what basis Holden is judged a failure?  In the top ten of all-time City managers based on win percentage, despite the worst injury list of all time.  Just saying like…

    Being sacked after only 8 months in charge doesn’t scream success.

  7. 1 hour ago, Davefevs said:

    They were 1-0 up at h-t, 2-2 on Ag, but ahead on away goals….Malmö down to 10 men.  Oops!

    Dave, you do realise the away goals rule has been scrapped?

  8. For those who haven’t seen it, from the OS

    “Joe Williams had to be substituted off in the first half with a tight thigh. Pearson confirmed he has full power but will continue to be looked at. In other news, Antoine Semenyo trained with the squad on Monday, while Callum O’Dowda could be available for Saturday’s trip to Middlesbrough as he recovers well from his knock sustained against Blackpool.”

    Perhaps not as bad as first feared.

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