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  1. “If I could go in today and cut surgically the cancer that’s running throughout the club out, I would. But I can’t because I need a period of time and a transfer window to do that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the root of the problem that it all stems from.” This quote from Jaily Barton stood out for me: “If I could go in today and cut surgically the cancer that’s running throughout the club out, I would. But I can’t because I need a period of time and a transfer window to do that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the root of the problem that it all stems from.” It’s not clear what he means exactly but saying he needs a transfer window to cut out their ‘cancer’ sounds like he’s referring to the players. What a lovely bloke.
  2. No way LJ will go there. When we sacked him he had ages left on his contract that we have to keep paying him while he’s not working (most likely). He’d have to take a huge pay cut to go there. His methods involve huge spending on facilities, infrastructure and tech etc. Cotts may go for it but when he was with us he bought the best players in the league, then in the Championship he wanted to spend huge sums (anyone remember the Dwight Gayle saga?). I doubt Wael can afford his wages never mind assemble the sort of squad SC would want. The last thing he wants on his CV is a few years of mediocrity at that level. They’ll end up with a bloke most of us have never heard of but they’ll see as the new messiah after getting some obscure team promoted in the non-league a few years back. They’re in for a long and difficult season.
  3. I’m sure I won’t be the only one wearing my centenary scarf from the 1997 season to our 125th anniversary game in 2020!
  4. It will depend on the circumstances, but I would have thought the answer is yes.
  5. Does he talk waffle? Or does he talk like a man who is used to doing multi-million pound deals? He gets a lot of stick for his ‘corporate speak’ but his job is to deal with the corporate side of the football business: buy players for value and sell them for value.
  6. What a blast from the past it is to see our old friend ‘Tony The Till’ getting a mention. He was always good for a laugh in the NLBR glory days. They seem to be getting on just fine without additional revenue streams given the spending spree they’ve been on..!
  7. If anyone wants to play ‘Loyal and Few’ bingo with this press release you’re odds on to get a full house: https://www.bristolrovers.co.uk/news/2018/october/stefan-payne-statement/ In a classic of the ‘Deluded Gappers’ genre, look out for the repeated references to ‘great fanbase’, ‘travelled in great numbers’, ‘great following’, and ‘good number’. There are so many ‘great’s in there it seems like Tony the Tiger has written it! Just to confirm, the official attendance was 446. Great.
  8. Very fitting that they would use out of date currency after the great ‘Crisp Crisis’ of 2018!
  9. Thanks as always Bert. Losing £18m has got to hurt anyone's wallet. Given the family wealth is now only £66m, any significant investment in the Rovers represents a huge risk from the family. If WAQ is using his own share of the wealth, the risk is even greater. Looks like it'll be evolution not revolution for the foreseeable.
  10. It seems their much talked about stadium tour has had another addition. Following recent trips to the Not Yetihad and the No Camp, they appear to now be playing at the Sand Siro. Where will they be playing next?
  11. Could the extra £5m be secured against other property? I haven't had the chance to go through it all myself but wonder if the Colony has been used (although I originally thought Dwayne Sports purchased that not BRFC). If it is £15m against the Mem that looks absurd given Sainsbury's pulled out of their proposed £12m purchase because it was no longer affordable - not sure who could value that land with an extra 25% on top. Am I also right in thinking that the interest is being paid to the owners/Dwayne Sport so the owners are taking £0.3m out each year plus any salaries/dividends for directors/shareholders. I wonder if the £5m could be the approximate value of the funds they would have taken out of the club by the end of the next two years, in which case there isn't much of a risk: £5m in payments (over several years) and £10 secured on the Mem. Would appreciate your thoughts on the above as you clearly have a better grasp of this than I do.
  12. "He kept saying I'm a gas head I'd never do that." Danny Baker told us they were all liars so this shouldn't shock anyone.
  13. To commemorate this 5 year anniversary, the 'NotYetihad'* is to be renamed the 'No Camp' with immediate effect. *Credit to whichever OTIBer originally came up with that nickname in years gone by.
  14. Have we had any confirmation about them being locked out from their own tinpot cinema?
  15. You mean this hasn't sold out...?!? How many consecutive non-sell outs is that at the Mem now? I assume the run stretches back to Colin 'God in a Rovers Shirt' Daniel's last appearance there?
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