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  1. All in all I'm glad I got out of bed to watch it. Thouroughly enjoyed it! Not much of a fight but doubted it was ever going to be.
  2. Just woken up after an extremely early night and tempted between to going downstairs to watch the fight or rollback over. See it hasn't even started yet.
  3. It's just a shame that it takes something so heartbreaking to see it
  4. I think the fact he's bothered to fly over here for talks shows it's pretty viable.
  5. Want this week to be over! Such sad news. As a Father myself I can't begin to imagine the pain that the family are going through. That little boy has shown more courage from day one than I've ever shown in my entire 32 years!!! I'll be heartbroken when the inevitable happens... What a hero!
  6. They've got a genuine bond! What a kid and what a top, TOP guy Jermaine comes across as. In a age where footballers seemingly care about one thing, it makes a change to see one doing something for someone else.
  7. So sad. Tears me to pieces to see kids go through this ******* shit! Everytine I see his name pop up my heart sinks for fear of the worst. This world can be such a horrible place sometimes.
  8. Football forum, football related incident...simple.
  9. So you could say you knowle've 'em! A thank you very much!!!
  10. Where do I start.... firstly, no chance you knew at least 50 gas heads in knowle! Not unless you worked in a gas head support group. I spent a lot of time in knowle through relatives living there and being born there and the only one I knew was my uncle, who...umm...*cough*played for them*cough* secondly, "I think City would have 25/30k fans and Rovers would have 23/28k" where the **** are you getting those figures from?????? You're either an extremely young gas supporting youth who is yet to realise the error of his/her ways that has been fed a wallop of lies or a ve
  11. With 14 men and against a team sitting just above them in the table
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