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  1. Nortei Nortey is a personal favourite of mine
  2. So not getting promoted then? So sad
  3. Martin deserved to be the match winner today - after a questionable performance in the week he was great today. That burst in the second half when he ghosted past 2 defenders shows that he still has some physical prowess, was unlucky with a couple of good headers saved but came up trumps in the end.
  4. Yes, this. We came out second half massively improved for 10-15 mins, Millwall couldn’t get out of their half and then the penalty killed our momentum. Of course there is never a good time to concede a penalty or a goal - although you could argue that if you are 5-0 up in the 90th minute you wouldn’t really be too bothered!
  5. Not sure anyone has mentioned it before but the penalty decision looked very soft watching on TV. Atkinson met Afobe with a bump of shoulders but got Benik in full stride so went flying so looked to a ref from way back to be more than that? When Jed Wallace did similar late in the game out wide it appeared to be with much more force and sent our man (COD?) flying but no foul. Frustrating decisions, the penalty came at just the wrong time for us as we were well on top at that time after a turgid first half.
  6. I forgot he was signed up the infamous Coppell 'era' - must be hugely strange for a manager to want a player and then weeks later he is out of the door completely out of the blue. Hunt himself admits he is quite a home bird and missed having his family around him all the time but he kind of plays down the depression side of things saying that he was just not up to scratch here but it feels like he is being harsh on himself, the factors he mentions leading up to him time with us will have had an impact of his state of mind.
  7. I’m looking for 3 if any still available please
  8. You can see why there is so much disinterest in the competition - don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed our run a few years ago, but unless you have some big ties to get some decent gate receipts then besides giving some squad/fringe/younger players game time then it's not really worth it. I read the other day that the winners only get £100k! Think the FA Cup winners get something like £5m+
  9. Maybe it’s because millions of people will have seen it from the windows and backgrounds of Nelson Mandela House??
  10. I thought the first photo was the Mem until I looked again and noticed the lack of tents!
  11. Williams said at the end of commentary that he should be ready after international break, or that’s what I heard above the euphoria
  12. There was a definite intention to stop the ball crossing the line with the hand, even if it came off the body first. Right decision IMO
  13. I think this season will be different with all of the restrictions needed. Fortunately we do seem to have a good crop of home grown talent that got valuable minutes last year along with HNM we look to have a decent squad now. Not too worried about relegation now
  14. So chuffed for him, signing him back on and his attitude following his injury have been massive
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