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  1. um. Prat? The bloke played for City in Div 1. What have you done?
  2. this seems more likely Preview: West Bromwich Albion vs. Bristol City - prediction (sportsmole.co.uk)
  3. I had a conversation with a close mate of mine before DH took the reigns: A committed Janner " "we love him, he's been a breath of fresh air since he arrived. Two years as a manager, promotion from L2 with great spirit. Not sure he's a tactical genius. He has no Plan B." It's the last part that worries me about Lowe
  4. inevitably there will be thousands locked out (of a 3 sided ground)
  5. some people call us Bristol. Apparently our opponents tomorrow are called...
  6. to be fair, I know of 2 Arsenal ST holders living in Dorset. I dont know any Bournemouth ST holders
  7. I had one of those emails once and I replied, explaining that I was already a multi millionaire, but suggested (helpfully) that he contact Wael al-Qadi at Bristol Rovers FC. Didnt even thank me. Bastard.
  8. on a positive note, The Gas hot streak may have just been given a cool shower
  9. Its the sort of stupid game we'd win. Cherries have an "off day" (they're due) and some of our more optimistic fans would have you believe City were about to walk the league.
  10. indeed a quite fantastic player to watch (I only saw clips of his days at The O's) on TV and then witnessed the strength, speed and power when he played for the Baggies at Ashton Gate. I will query one thing in the article though. It claims (Ive often seen the claim), that the first Black Player to play for England was Viv Anderson.... which makes me wonder why Paul Reaney was never considered to be the first black coloured player in an England shirt.....or am I inadvertently missing something
  11. Christ. The "firm" I work for can make the rest of us look like a comedy act on occasions with it's last minute changes of direction at frequent intervals....and then there's this. Shakin' like a shittin' dog? Not!!
  12. and didnt I know it. Left Bristol in Jeans and T shirt and that hail storm had me shrammed. I even took a hailstone direct to the eye, and when my mate stopped laughing and asked what happened, I turned and copped another un in the other eye
  13. Christ! He's even more idiotic than I thought.... and I never gave him much credit in the first place....
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