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  1. Thats what I thought, and due to an arthritic knee havent broken into a jog since 2017
  2. you wouldnt want him as your neighbour would you
  3. are you sure? We didnt go decimal til 1971
  4. Quantas may be close Reading the Adver, I figure Sir Dans has declared no interest
  5. and....Swindon Town ownership battle said to be over as Clem Morfuni takes control | Swindon Advertiser
  6. thats really sad I think. Lee Power has a lot to answer for
  7. I know it's only pre season, but OMG Swindon Town lose 3-2 to Hungerford Town in pre-season friendly | Swindon Advertiser Conceding THREE to Hungerford....
  8. Mariner played alongside Clive Whitehead?
  9. looks like he's been force fed a couple of Ciders and dragged out into the daylight from whatever dark hovel they held him capture in. I fully expect a "signed confession" within the hour
  10. well he wont be playing Leigh Griffiths: Police Scotland investigating claims Celtic striker sent inappropriate messages to girl under age of 16 | Football News | Sky Sports
  11. can only agree...though in the unlikely event of Boris giving a Public Holiday for an English win, can the Scots and Welsh be excused taking the day off and be given permission to work?
  12. "it's all Steve Lansdowns fault" they'll wail
  13. just been told that I can leave at 2:00 and finish my day at home. Excellent stuff
  14. sat at a desk in Surrey already growling at the potential of the M4 to royally screw my evening up. The earlier I can leave the happier I'll be
  15. maybe it's because I'm older and maybe because Ive spent so long working from home and having zero social life for over 12 months, but to be honest, I'm in absolutely no rush to go back out into a crowd. Will I be a AG for Blackpool? Maybe, but probably not. I'll join a crowd when I'm convinced I'll be safe and not just because I miss the flavour, the smell, the atmosphere etc. To add fuel to that fire Coronavirus news - live: Third wave may hit India as early as August, new report says (msn.com)
  16. ha ha. "Pilot" is just another way of saying "this will happen once we've ironed out the wrinkles"
  17. bit harsh Tommy Widdrington - Wikipedia
  18. was at Selhurst Park when he scored that goal against Wimbledon. Was stood next to the bloke with a Brolly. A fabulous player and had a lot to offer. RIP Dalian. It should never have come to and end the way it did Dalian Atkinson goal v Wimbledon 1992 - Bing video
  19. as STFC havent paid their players for June, and now Council taking Swindon Town to court after County Ground rent not paid for months | Swindon Advertiser
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