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  1. I agree with the positives quoted. Should the new set up be DH as head coach with Downing and Simpson as assistants, initially one must wonder if DH has enough experience and personality to be the leader. However, if we aren't getting an accepted leader in Houghton, then this could be a way to bring in experienced football coaches with the young one, to assist, to bring different ideas to the table. Holden, with his personal background, where he has had to overcome the loss of a young daughter, would appear to be a strong character. Just like LJ? I believe not, because with Holden ag
  2. Sounds like the recently departed Lee Johnson. By the way, I was at the Baseball Ground for that game. I gave the lino a real pasting because of the disallowed Bent goal - not offside. Got home and watched the recording. Didn't go down well with wife as we only had one TV set!
  3. All this "humble pie" from Risdale who is so full of bull xxxx just like our CEO. Risdale, who almost single handedly, wrecked Leeds about twenty years ago.
  4. Bristol City 1982 had over 2,000 shareholders with small amounts that were freely and willingly handed over to save the club that we all wanted to survive. Many went to the annual shareholders AGM and by doing so, we really felt part of the club. Now, even though we have a local businessman as the owner, I feel remote from the club. Just a number.
  5. Signs of senility when you are able to remember what it stands for, yet you cannot remember the last time it did!
  6. Could be right. At 61, Houghton may not want the lead job. Plenty of others who could do it.
  7. To lead, advise, cajole, one to bounce ideas on. Not to manage the football but to be there at all times with a shoulder to lean on. Someone who has been there, done it and now wants a quieter life but who feels he doesn't want to retire. We have been missing such a person for a long time. It's similar to how German industry uses those within a few years of retirement - to help those who will be taking over and allowing them to glean knowledge from the elder workers. If this is the route we are going, then at long last, I nay be able to watch my club competing in the top league
  8. That offer is about 2019-20 season which restarts on 15 Aug.
  9. Do you not think that if Holden disagreed with LJ on tactics, coaching etc, then, he Holden, should have found himself a position at another club? If that is so, makes Holden a hypocrite, for taking the pay while not agreeing with his boss's ideas. We need a clean sweep of coaching staff. We probably also need a change of approach from SL who could be "meddling too much in football matters".
  10. And putting Dave Rennie with Gary Shelton as his two central midfielders. Somewhere around October if my memory is correct.
  11. Someone that I know has contacts within Ashton Gate has been told that it looks nailed on for Holden. To me, if true, it shows that Lansdown speak with forked tongue. Publicly states that he want Premier League for City but will not employ the best available. Yet another cheap and easy choice.
  12. Reasonable thinking, Robin101. However, look at it from the opposite point of view and because so many clubs may be financially threatened, this could be the best chance we will have in a long time?
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