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  1. Is Fran Bentley related to Dan by birth or marriage?
  2. They go away from their town as there is nothing to do there. A cultural desert!
  3. But do you have a level pitch or is it all "up the hill in the second half" Plus the Carpenters Arms is so close for a jug of Butcombe!
  4. Where can Day 3 highlights be found? Not on Club site that I can see.
  5. @CyderInACan You, I and a few others appear to have woken a poster who has been thankfully, very quiet for long time now. We should shut up and let him go back to sleep!
  6. IMO. The last ones with very definite "pulling power" were Terry Cooper and Joe Jordan. Possibly plus Steve Cotterill?
  7. It seemed apparent for a long time, that winning at Academy and Under 23 levels was not required. Another chunk of evidence that Bristol City should have been followed with Holiday Camp instead of Football Club!
  8. Thanks a lot for posting this on the forum. Jason has been through the ringer in the same way as Holden. I lost a wife at 54, hard to cope with, but to lose a child; I cannot imagine how one wants to live on after that. He appears to have a very good background as a player and coach. It always seems difficult from a supporter's point of view to judge how they are doing. A bit of improvement with every player in the squad is the aim, I guess. How can we quantify that? A manager is judged on points gained, trophies gathered and failures of the team to achieve. How can we judge a coach? Anyone got any ideas? Welcome Jason and enjoy this part of your career.
  9. Why may I ask? My guess is that as a young player at Albion, he was going to struggle to get in their Premier League or Championship team on a regular basis. Either fighting relegation or promotion makes it difficult for most youngsters. Only the top class one's can do it. So a drop down for a season or two is very sensible and separates those who are not good enough from those who deserve a second chance. Wilson, Tanner, Scott, all the others recruited from lower leagues and even Dasilva from a Prem team, are likely to provide us with a core of the team for the next few years and hopefully taking us up at long last.
  10. The town is 209 metres above sea level. As a comparison, Birmingham is 140 m above sea level and the WBA ground is the highest above sea level. They will notice the reduction in oxygen levels compared with Bristol. Failand is 120 metres.
  11. @Davefevs But is the "rent" that we pay just taking account of the fact that all non football items like stadium/pitch maintenance, ticket sales etc, are handled now by Bristol Sport. Whereas before Bristol Sport, City employed everyone directly. It's not rent in the true meaning of the word. And our share of things like pitch maintenance is reduced to account for Bristol Bears paying for and using the same pitch/stadium. Just a different way of accounting it.
  12. May be correct in your assessment and I probably feel the same. But is Zak going to get opportunities here or any other Championship side? Perhaps he needs to drop down for a while to rebuild his career which appears to be stagnant now.
  13. Wade will know some of our fringe players so well and it wouldn't surprise me if Vyner went on loan or permanent.
  14. As Bristol City FC Holdings are the company that owns the stadium and Bristol City FC, then does the club benefit financially from all non football usage of the stadium? Summer concerts, Bristol Bears matches (their only constraint is a limit on playing squad wages) so could City get any share of Bears hospitality, match day refreshments and pitch maintenance? Remember how City income for non football had grown by over £10 million per annum before COVID arrived. Surely non football income should now be recovering to pre 2020 levels? And thus helping City to get/stay in the black for season 22-23? I understand that SL owns everything, BCFC, Bears, Bristol Sport but surely it will be possible and legal to keep us out of trouble.
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