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  1. You sure he's comfortable. Looks a bit shaky to me.
  2. @BS2 Red I have been doing my weekly shop with Sainsbury's for many months by ordering online for delivered to my house. Try it as if you use a 4 hour slot it only costs £1 delivery. Ocado is pretty good also.
  3. Sorry chaps or chappesses I was only trying to be humorous. A comedian I never will be.
  4. Another addition to your collection @Never to the dark side ? I thought you were thinking of dying soon as per your post back a few months, so why add to the junk that your relatives will need to get rid of?
  5. 8 should be withdrawn permanently in respect to our greatest player, John Atyeo. Not put on some fly by night Scouser who nobody has heard of let alone seen in a City shirt!
  6. @Kid in the Riot Thanks for your comments which are very spot on. When I was a child and especially after the inception of the NHS, I cannot remember anyone even considering not having any of the new vaccines as they arrived. In fact everyone that I knew, parents and relatives, who never even considered not taking advantage of a way of avoiding the horrible diseases that were still rampant in many parts of this planet. I suppose our parents firstly wanted us to have a healthy life but by doing so, helping many others to also benefit. I stopped going to City and Bears before last year's lockdown not only because I was scared for myself but also for my wife who has mild asthma. How could I live with myself if I had brought it home. Nowt to do with political beliefs, just caring about others and being sensible.
  7. @Riaz I was born in 1943 so could have had a bomb land on my bed until 1945. Just after the war, children were dying of several horrible diseases. I spent two weeks in hospital with measles and a further three weeks in convalecence at Clevedon. Just after a vaccine was introduced. Do we hear much about measles now? Also polio, Mumps, Whooping cough, TB, smallpox and maybe a couple more that I cannot remember. All vaccines have a risk of one death in a very large number. But all of these medical advances turned the average anticipated life span for most "Western" children in the rich and developed countries from around 35 years in the mid 1800's to over 70 by mid 1970's. There is not any guarantee that you reach that age but we all have a much better chance of a life not ridden with illness and early deaths. Hence the big increase in human population numbers in the last forty/fifty years. There is a downside though. I first watched City in April 1950 and got instantly hooked. So if I had died earlier in my life, I would not have had to suffer seven relegations and a helluva lot of crap seasons like the one just passed!
  8. Thanks for the post. Doesn't the Wreck look nice at Barff with it's uncovered, temporary seating and a pitch that by early November, resembles a sodden rice field.
  9. I doubt he will leave because someone else is appointed. Suspect he will be relieved. Main candidates are Matty James as team captain and Andy King or Chris Martin as club captain.
  10. Too many fans dwell on the mistakes and ignore the positives of a player. Some fans also have a particular player who they do not like for many reasons so will pick out and highlight the mistakes to prove their point. Yet they ignore mistakes by their favorites. Two examples yesterday. O'Leary miscued some clearances. Plenty of mentions in posts. Bentley kicked his first clearance directly into touch. I haven't seen any mention. All players make mistakes. It is how the player them self reacts that determines how serious the problem is. On another subject, Palmer showed more improvement again. But I wish he would control his sliding tackles, especially early in matches. Against Celtic he took one out, who was unable to keep going to halftime. And did a similar thing to Pompey defender. No cards issued in training games but do it in a league match and we could be down to ten for over an hour.
  11. He's strangely silent. Not like him is it?
  12. We seem unable to pass the ball forward to midfield. We allow opponent's to press us by continually passing back slowly. So then a long hopeful ball which their defence get without any pressure from us. I'm getting a bit concerned that we are continuing all the same negatives.
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