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  1. @Mr Popodopolous Did we get any income for using the South Stan concourse for Covid jabs?
  2. Section 82 create new words for old music? Well done but how did they find the time? Oh yes, they stopped throwing bottles on the pitch! Brain dead idiots!
  3. He is actually helping Chris Martin to be a useful striker instead of being left on his own to bully all the opposition's defnders. And allowing Weimann to operate and roam just behind them. A strong central midfielder, additional right back/right wing back and an organising hard central defender would be the icing on the cake.
  4. He will learn from all these games. For example the run in the second half he took the ball to far to the right side of the goal (from his view). He will get to understand that if he had veered to his left, it leaves him a much better angle and chance of scoring. That subtle move got Chris Martin his second goal.
  5. We have some morons in our crowd, just the same as every other club. With all the CCTV cameras, it should be possible to find them. If it doesnt improve, put all those in that corner in the top rows in Lansdown. They couldnt reach the pitch!
  6. Zak Vyner had a very good afternoon as sub for the injured Atkinson you will be pleased to admit!
  7. Brilliant! As a boy I spent a few hours at Ninian Park. My Dad, the son of a Somerset lad (Claverham), dragged screaming and kicking to the Rhondda by his parents who wanted the work in the mines in place of unemployment, always organised his trips back home from Bristol so that he could see a match en route. Not that he supported them, he just loved football (and rugby). His team as a child was Merthyr Tydfil. When he was a boy, he came to Bristol with his Dad to visit an uncle in Coronation Road. If City were home in the Wedlock days, it was off to Ashton Gate for all the males. When he moved to Bristol to work at BAC in 1930's, his team became BRISTOL CITY and a win over Cardiff was the one he prized most. So come on City, do this one for my Father. And the rest of us!
  8. My phone changes Cundy to Cindy. Why does yours go to Candy?
  9. I don't know if I knew him personally or just by sight but thanks for following and supporting City. Condolences to his family. We need another new supporter to replace him. Come on kids, do your duty!
  10. He promises much but delivers very little.
  11. I have been patient for 42 years since 1980!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 78 will I ever see us there again?
  12. 2-6 is a thumping at any level of football. Yet I don't think we should flip our brains over this one. A year ago, it could easily have been a defeat with a rugby score of 10 or 15 to nil. We took the game to Fulham whenever possible. Semenyo scored two super goals and at 2-3 if Weimann had scored or the ref had given the penalty, we would have been 3-3 instead of two minutes later 2-5. We have made a great deal of progress this season and must turn it around yet again and win next Saturday to keep us far enough away from the bottom.
  13. Atkinson will be back soon enough. Anyone who expected him, with only one season of League football, was too optimistic. He's a young and relatively inexperienced, so be patient.
  14. I like these videos and wish that we'd had this technology when I was a boy. We just had matches to see how the pros did things and then we'd try and copy in the streets and the parks. I've just read Andy Cole's book and he stresses how important training should be productive and enjoyable. Fleming clearly follows the same thinking. The number of accurate shots and headers was high - I wonder why they rarely show the same accuracy in shooting warm up on the pitch before matches?
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