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  1. This still photo shows how difficult it is to make a judgement from only one angle. A view at 90degrees to that could show that Naismith completely missed the Hull player? I, personally, would prefer that all sports would return to the good old days before immediate pictures were available to prove a decision right or wrong. As Ian Botham once said "All players make mistakes and so do referees. But it is only sport!" (Or words to that effect) But as we have the equipment in use at Premier level, in FA cup games when a Prem team is home, it should be in use at all EFL matches.
  2. In under 23 side he was a talker. Encouraging, advising, covering others in trouble. The type of leader, we have been missing in our side through the years before Pearson arrived on the scene. In some ways I wish he was a centre half or midfield controller. But I'll take him as an attacker as we may lose Semenyo in the not too distant future.
  3. Did Bears player, Joe Joyce, a nut case City fan, travel with the team?
  4. That is the problem. We need to score at least three in every match to even get near a draw. And when we score early on like Hull and Wigan, it's then 85 minutes of desperate defending.
  5. The last 31 since Joe Jordan left us to go to Hearts, hoping it would bring him the Scotland manager's job.
  6. You've hit the nail very sweetly. IMO, none of our big money (pay rather than transfer fee) have proved to be the quality that one assumed they would consistently be. And coupled with the lack of academy advancement and the financial mess left by a certain individual, it is now proving to be a lot more difficult to even become a comfortable mid table outfit. While it is extremely frustrating to draw or lose games that we feel should be three points in the bag, we cannot afford, financially, playing wise, rebuilding, pathway for the upcoming, to expect any other manager to do any better than Pearson. So while I hoped for more consistent performances this season, it seems we may well struggle for our status to remain. Much as we all want total safety and looking upward, if we are true City supporters, we must keep going in the same way that we expect from the playing staff. Better half dragging me on holiday until end of August so miss two home game. Please everyone, give them a cheer from me.
  7. I've said elsewhere. He is a very good reactive shot stopper but that is all. Never comes for crosses, refuses to pass the ball quickly, probably because he is unable to see openings straight away from defending. PS, totally agree with @nickolas
  8. He is not, IMO, a dominating centre half. A better communicator than others. We have a back three with only Atkinson who will physically cope with aggressive forwards. Plus a non defensive midfield in front of them.
  9. Never comes for them. He can be a shotstopper but nowt else.
  10. 3 hours driving if one is very fortunate. Plus refreshments/toilet break.
  11. Have just got home so have only heard five minutes. Off and running, into a good season. Just one question. Was it Coventry's best team or lots of reserves/under 23's?
  12. But when will Kalas be fit?
  13. Very good reading of the way they got their second goal. But 90% of our fans can only blame one player. The same one that gets slagged for every goal we concede!
  14. I'm not sure they have ever owned the stadium. I've always understood it when built, it was owned by Coventry Council who later sold it to a non football company. Do Wasps own it? I'm also not sure they do.
  15. After one game admittedly that I've seen of him, I would play him as our defensive midfielder. And play centre halves in the back three.
  16. No. But that shows how weak our central midfield is!
  17. Sorry but I missed. Tot Walsh, Sammy Gilligan, Billy Maxwell, Albert Keating, Johnny Paul & Len Townsend. My parents should have had me fifty years earlier!
  18. I was at all of the matches after 1950. Newport was Atyeo's debut. Rotherham won 6-1 followed by 7-4 away to Barnsley.
  19. Don't kid yourself. The Bears fans create some real atmosphere when Bristol, Bristol really gets going.
  20. Changing direction slightly. Who was captain against Hull? Appointed for season?
  21. Could it be that these late purchasers are Mackems in disguise? Or are we getting more new and returning supporter's because we appear to be much improved from the last three years?
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