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  1. Name me a surrey academy player who hasnt broken though there and played regular county cricket?
  2. Surrey never prevented young players coming through. There are very few players who have left surrey and achieved more elsewhere.....jordan one of the few examples. The whole surrey thing is people jumping on the bandwagon rather than fact.....with the exception of the strut....surrey have always had that.
  3. Surrwy are the beat side by a mile filled with homegrown talent. Too good for Somerset and the rest.
  4. Far more interesting because you need genuine football knowledge for champ level
  5. Couldn't give a toss about the prem. Championship fantasy football would be far more interesting
  6. Do I really need to list the countless youth players who have worked their way through the system??? From the bicknells butchers ward to today....unfortunately you don't know what your talking about.
  7. Overpaid internationals like who? Ravi rampaul....who else?
  8. As a surrey fan we have a great chance of winning it this year. Depending on how we cope re:sangakarra off to CCL. I get slightly annoyed when people moan about surrey and their riches....one of the reasons we are so successful is because of our youth system and set up.....it really is outstanding and we are always looking to push our youngsters through....looking at our side today, burns, sibley, Curran s Curran t virdi meaker etc.....and that's without dernbach roy and the recently retired ansari.
  9. we are the Rey Folkes Sam Curran Both will be world class trust me.
  10. Next season will be. Charlton, MK Dons and Bolton are gena strengthen that division. Not forgetting the likes of Sheff Utd potentially Barnsley.
  11. Sometimes this works, sometimes it don't. Will have to see.
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