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  1. For a man to lose his livelihood, which he's dedicated the majority of his life will be devastating. Nathan's future wellbeing is the priority now. The whole football family is with you Bakes. Thank you for your brilliant service to Bristol City.
  2. Because a number of grounds are scenes of misery. And everyone knows, misery needs Kompany.
  3. He's a great addition to the motor industry. A Catholic converter.
  4. I've been sent to Coventry loads of times. Hello. Is anyone listening?
  5. Here's our opening day form from the last 22 seasons. League Season Date Home Team Score H Score A Away Team Win Loss Draw Championship 2021/22 07/08/2021 CITY 1 1 Blackpool D Championship 2020/21 12/09/2020 CITY 2 1 Coventry City W Championship 2019/20 04/08/2019 CITY 1 3 Leeds United L Championship 2018/19 04/08/2018 CITY 1 1 Nottm Forest D Championship 2017/18 05/08/2017 CITY 3 1 Barnsley W Championship 2016/17 06/08/2016 CITY 2 1 Wigan Athletic W Championship 2015/16 08/08/2015 Sheff Weds 2 0 CITY L League 1 2014/15 09/08/2014 Sheff United 1 2 CITY W League 1 2013/14 03/08/2013 CITY 2 2 Bradford City D Championship 2012/13 18/08/2012 Nottm Forest 1 0 CITY L Championship 2011/12 06/08/2011 CITY 0 3 Ipswich Town L Championship 2010/11 07/08/2010 CITY 0 3 Millwall L Championship 2009/10 08/08/2009 Preston 2 2 CITY D Championship 2008/09 09/08/2008 Blackpool 0 1 CITY W Championship 2007/08 11/08/2007 CITY 2 2 QPR D League 1 2006/07 05/08/2006 CITY 1 0 Scunthorpe W League 1 2005/06 06/08/2005 CITY 0 0 Doncaster D League 1 2004/05 07/08/2004 CITY 1 1 Torquay D League Div 2 2003/04 09/08/2003 CITY 5 0 Notts County W League Div 2 2002/03 10/08/2002 CITY 2 0 Blackpool W League Div 2 2001/02 11/08/2001 Northampton 0 3 CITY W League Div 2 2000/01 12/08/2000 Wrexham 0 2 CITY W 15 7 10 5 7
  6. Plus, what's you favourite chart hit single, from opening day? Choose a season: Latest Bristol C Results, Fixtures & Betting Odds | Soccer Base Then input the opening day day fixture date here: Official Singles Chart Top 100 | Official Charts Company My favourite is Let 'Em In, Wings from here: Official Singles Chart Top 50 | Official Charts Company
  7. You're definitely on the right track. No, you need to speak to Dunkin Idehen.
  8. "What are you talkin' about Lewes?" (Different Strokes)
  9. Shouldn't their ground be called the Memorial "Stadium". Its just a slight upgrade on The Manor Ground. (Corrugated iron monstrosity that was the former home of Oxford United. Refer to older relatives for details).
  10. How long until we see the book: Derby County: (Yet Another) Warning From History or maybe: Ram, Hell, Thank You Mel!!
  11. You're right, but it's fun to quote euphemisms from American Football.
  12. Into the secondary, and here's the overpass. Hell no! Unecessary roughness on the offensive lineman and there's an instant flag on the play! Sweet mother of god.
  13. John is the nicest man in the world. Leave him alone.
  14. Can't win a top level Nations League game and are bottom of their group with just two measly points. Are French fans calling for the sacking of their World Cup winning manager, Didier Deschamps? Are they being written off for Qatar? Are they ****. England will bounce back under Southgate, our most successful manager since Ramsay.
  15. Apple? What do you get for a pear?
  16. One. Of. The. Greatest. Wins. Ever! England scored 160 runs in 16 overs after tea.
  17. In the seventies you'd start with 2 blocks of two home or away games and could play a reverse fixture early on as well. Not to mention competing on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.
  18. Exactly. Sack the Board. Write to your MP.
  19. Its not like Barnsley haven't had duff managers before. Just ask Lee Johnson...
  20. Dave, do you switch off the heat map when it's not in use? I'm worried that it could cost you a fortune come October.
  21. There'll be no room for cruisers at the New Bristol City. Just a toe up the jaxy and a spell on the sidelines, courtesy of Nige.
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