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  1. And 100% nylon! If you dragged your stockinged feet on a shagpile carpet whilst wearing one, the static electricity generated could power a small village.
  2. I thought you were more of a Barbie Girl?
  3. Its the 'Strictly' formation. One forward, two back, one forward, two back, two forward, one back, two forward, three back and a great twist at the end.
  4. A great work out for City, which 'almost' brought a win thanks to the introduction of the replacements on 60 minutes. Great to talk about City again after 9 weeks and hope you all enjoy listening.
  5. Eureka! It works!
  6. No to Edge, no to Chrome.
  7. Sorry, missed that update. That's great news.
  8. The sad thing is, Gareth may choose to quit due to the pressure of the job.
  9. Strangely, we won the last two shoot-outs, versus Switzerland in the Nations League 3rd Place Play-Off (2019), and against Colombia in the last 16 World Cup clash (2018).
  10. As a footnote, Football CAME home. The last 18 months have been hell for millions of people and many of us have lost friends or family from Covid. This brave young England team have united the country, lifting hearts and minds as a result. Football and its ability to inspire is the real winner and hopefully that will all make us a healthier nation.
  11. I'm a City fan, always look on the bright side. I can see England improving so why not dream?
  12. We've lost a Cup Final on penalties, but this England team have done the country proud, with a young, talented team led superbly by Gareth Southgate. Well done to Italy, but England's time will come.
  13. Altogether now, 'He's going home, he's going home, he's going, Kasper's going home.'
  14. No, but you can watch the game on BBC or ITV. A choice between Lineker or Poopatch.
  15. Spot on Dave. The Danes were totally drained at the end, but we still had energy. Southgate's subs were well timed too.
  16. Cue the Michael Caine, Italian Job jokes and not many people know that.
  17. Its that bloody story AGAIN! How England's Euro 2020 hero Harry Maguire came so close to becoming a Bristol City player - Bristol Live (bristolpost.co.uk) Next. How Kevin Keegan nearly joined City, followed by Bert Trautmann, Mark McGhee, The Duke of Wellington, Eleanor Roosevelt and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch and the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's socially distanced Cinderella.
  18. No need to get cross!
  19. He's been crucified in the media.
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