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  1. Not sure about that tbh although I do know his shoes were ruined
  2. I was in a local pub one Sunday evening when a call to the Gents was required. Whilst stood at the large open urinal a bloke came in and stood next to me, I gave him a quick hello as you do. Then a few seconds later I turned back saying hey your Tony Allcock the bowls player arnt you whilst unfortunately piddling all over his Hush Puppies, as you can imagine he wasnt best pleased.
  3. I've been banging on about this for years, he completely bottled it that day one quick glance at the keeper and shut his friging eyes. Absolutely gutless
  4. Oh my god thanks so much for posting this Rooster. I'm glad hes still watching his football and like you I also pray for his safety. Thanks again
  5. The 2008 play off final against Hull City. Got smashed up in a crash, broke just about everything in November 2007. Patched up in Frenchay over 3 months pushed around in a wheelchair by a City supporting porter called Tim who I once briefly spotted at Ashton Gate. When the final arrived I had a external fixation frame fitted to my leg which didn't give me enough mobility to go. Never mind I survived
  6. The Avon Packet before the game, after that its usually shite
  7. Unbelievable they were indeed, we danced all around that tiny ground. The look on the Crawley fans faces was priceless
  8. Probably best not to comment when your pissed up mate
  9. I'll never make pole in my old Touran
  10. Totally disagree, I have it on good authority it's a black velvet bag
  11. Come on then supporter of the year what's this supposed to mean?
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