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  1. You'd like to think that the players are going to take some responsibility and sort things out too. Hopefully that's happening behind the scenes...
  2. Hopefully yesterday's performance and result will act as a wake up call to the club and some fans too
  3. I'm genuinely worried that we'll see a huge drop in season ticket sales across the leagues next season, which could take years to recover from. It could be especially bad if virus restrictions are still an issue in March/April.
  4. I think the team profile area of the website needs updating. With all the u23s in there we now have 5 of our subs without pics and Bell doesn't even have squad number
  5. It's a very positive start though the real test comes from mid Feb onwards when we'd usually begin our end of season collapse.
  6. Scott Murray's return. Ok he never got close to recreating the magic of his super season but it was great to have him back so soon.
  7. Really hope he's signing a new deal, particularly with our reliance on him to defend set pieces
  8. I thought this year the fixtures were being linked to the card people had from last season, so they'd only need to send new ones to new season card holders rather than to everyone who renewed.
  9. With the current squad I think they'll be happy with top half, but that's assuming they make allowances for allowing younger players sufficient time to prove themselves and also up the entertainment value. If however DH is allowed to sign a load of new players (unlikely given the circumstances) then he'll probably be expected to make the playoffs.
  10. Has any other club announced what they are doing on this yet? It are they all waiting for the fixtures to be confirmed?
  11. There's definitely a big problem with Ashton not being able to address the issues properly, which is very poor for someone in his position. For instance, there seemed to be a refusal to admit that the club should have done better communication wise. This has arguably been the biggest problem over the last 5 weeks, resulting in significant damage to the fan/club relationship and undermining DH before he's started.
  12. Yes, and we also failed to give a lot of young players a real chance last season, particularly from January onwards
  13. One benefit for Holden is that the first few weeks are behind closed doors. Essentially he has a bit of a longer honeymoon period where there's a lot less pressure on matchdays and I hope they cant take advantage of that - if the team are doing well when fans return then I think a lot of the negativity will have gone away. However, and this is a genuine worry, if they're struggling by the time fans return then it's going to be very tough for him and the players.
  14. Bit hard to tell at the moment. To be fair to Holden in his first 2-3 games the football was definitely a little better. We don't know what he would've done re the young players as the ones who most people would like to have played were prevented from being in the team by the loan returnees rule.
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