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  1. Lots of parallels in how the season went for my first team - Wimbledon - and my second team - City. The Dons finished the build on New Plough Lane - the first time we've had our own ground since 1992. Just unbelievable. Much less exciting, but still important nonetheless, City finished the build on the new training centre. Both clubs were drifting when the two managers were sacked in January / February. Mark Robinson was appointed Head Coach of the Dons in mid-Feb. Nigel Pearson was appointed Manager of the Robins about a week later. Both bosses inherited teams that looked like they were on the slide and a bunch of players that looked demotivated, demoralised and... just lacking in skill. There the stories diverge. For the Dons although relegation looked likely for a good while, the manager has been impressive in getting a tune out of a squad that didn't look up to it. First the defence was stabilised, then the players started playing some good possession football and finally, just in time, they started to score the goals they needed to stay up. It was a really exciting end to the season with the team playing some of the best football that fans have seen for a long while, maybe since the formation of AFC. Fans are excited to see what happens next season. You know the story with City. It's been a depressing slog and fans seem reconcilled to an overhaul that will take some time. Both teams finished 19th. Both clubs released 11 players at the end of the season. Supporters of AFC were relieved to see Rovers' end of season collapse. Supporters of City were delighted.
  2. I wonder if there's a case for moving a bit more slowly in the market this year. It will be frustrating not seeing the team come together and will impact pre-season, but next year's a development year, not a tilt at promotion so it's slightly less important to get off to a flyer (as if!). New financial realities mean that prices are going to tumble over the summer as agents and players get used to the fact that they're not going to get the deals they used to. If City buy early, it will be without the benefit of a DoF and before the full financial adjustment of Covid has fed through. Buy a little later and the club could lock in a number of deals at the lowest prices that have been around for years.
  3. There's stronger support for legislation to protect the integrity of the game and the rights of fans than I've ever seen before. The government has committed to review ownership rules, look at the benefits of independent regulation, look at how money flows through the game and look at how to protect the connections between communities and their clubs. There are a number of Tory backbenchers who were calling for such a review during the Bury debacle and Labour have welcomed the review, their only criticism being that it doesn't go far enough. The mood for change seems real. Nothing's going to happen before the review reports so whilst I support the OP's sentiment and objectives, I don't think a protest now would be helpful. I also think it's difficult to protest safely during Covid and that it's difficult to get the messaging right when protesting in support of the sentiment but not the nature of the Man Utd protest. When the review reports, that's the time to protest and demand change. That's the time to remind politicians that this issue really matters. I think demonstrations then might really help.
  4. Couldn't agree more!
  5. Such a strange feeling watching this interview. You get used to managers' reactions after a loss. There's a limited range of things to say and a limited number of different ways to say them. But there's something new here. He's on a terrible run and you'd expect him to be under pressure but he's not. He's got a win rate of 15% and has just been given a new 3 year contract. Has that ever happened anywhere before?! It's a really difficult situation with so many out of contract and injured players, none of his own staff and a decayed and collapsing senior management team. So I understand the logic to the appointment. The club needs SOMETHING to be fixed and stable - a base to build from. And he's got the track record from elsewhere to suggest he can do it. But it makes for a really unusual feel to the interview.
  6. I LOVE watching football live. If there's a game going on in the park I stop to watch. Ashton Gate is 15 minutes walk from my house and unlike the park has bars and seats! I take my son down, meet up with mates, chew the fat, have a beer and enjoy the game. It honestly feels like a flipping bargain to me and I can't wait to get back.
  7. It's been so sudden at the bottom of L1. Nearly everyone's burst to life. Rochdale have won 9 points in a week and Wigan and the Dons have both earned a quarter of our total points for the season in the last week and a half! Perfect storm for Rovers who've responded by imploding. Exciting nail biting stuff for the rest of us.
  8. My dodgy analysis suggests they're facing a struggle to survive. Over the last 6 games their form has been the 22nd worst in the league. In 5 games they have left to play the teams they are facing are doing pretty well with an average position of 8th in the form table. Wigan and Northants have got similarly difficult run ins, but have slightly better form themselves. Northants have 2 more points than them, and Wigan have got 1 game more left to play. The truth is that it's super close and anything could happen, but based on form, they're in a tight spot.
  9. That weakens my point but it doesn't negate it. The transfer market will be weaker this year and City have got money to spend as a result of an unpopular and frustrating but deliberate policy. There are definite upsides. Again - whether or not City will have a team or a plan to spend it well is a different matter.
  10. It looks like the club decided last summer to tread water whilst the pandemic burned through football's finances. They refused to agree a big transfer pot for Hughton and eventually settled on a managerial Holden strategy to limp through the seaon. Super frustrating for fans who were expected to carry on paying for entertainment, but means the club's in a relatively great position financially. With ten clubs facing embargoes, City go in to the transfer window facing much less competition than usual. With an unusual number of players out of contract City also have more financial flexibility when it comes to wages than they've ever had before. Presumably Ashton's got to get some credit for that. Whether or not there's a good plan in place or a team who can be trusted to spend it wisely is a different matter.
  11. I think it's an excellent forum and I look at it a lot. And I do follow City as well. So it's only fair.
  12. We're playing very slightly better as well. And not too bad a run-in. I think we've got half a chance of getting ourselves out of the shit again. Unfortunately - for the Dons - I think Northampton are going to do better than the rest of the following pack and are more likely to pull themselves out of it. Whether one or, fingers crossed, both of us - Dons and Cobblers - get out of the relegation zone, it's obviously bad news for Rovers.
  13. I get why people think first about the impact on themselves, but air pollution is a serious problem and the worst of it is caused by dirty vehicles. It causes permanent lung and heart damage in babies and young children and speeds the onset of heart and lung disease. Bristol suffers particularly badly with estimates that our low air quality causes more than 200 premature deaths per annum. Areas with the highest pollution levels are often more deprived (houses close to the busiest roads are rarely the most desirable) and car ownership in the worst affected areas is typically low. It IS difficult politically, because those driving the dirtiest vehicles are rarely wealthy themselves - but they're better off than those that suffer most. Local authorities up and down the country are at different stages of consulting on or introducing similar policies and I think it would be shameful if Bristol wasn't doing something about this. Although the transition to cleaner vehicles is painful and expensive, we'll look back in 20 years and wonder why we didn't act sooner. Just the same as with the clean air act of the 1950s which solved the smog problem in our biggest cities.
  14. Pearson looks like a nightmare to interview! I thought the questions were polite and straight-forward. And the kind of thing I wanted to know. Can you give us any news on the guys who had head injuries? Will Walsh be playing? Very indirectly he asked can anything be done to toughen up the defence? Are you excited about some of the academy prospects? Do you think Birmingham's bad home record counts for anything? Fair enough to play your cards close to your chest, totally get it, but there's no harm adding a little sugar. Pearson acts and sounds like McGregor is being hostile and trying to catch him out. Definitely sounds edgy, I agree with the post above, but didn't look to me like McGregor could have done anything else.
  15. It gets the glutes firing, which help stabilise / control lateral movement of the leg and reduces risk of knee injury. Also, the glutes don't activate quite so automatically, it's easy to rely on your quads and hams, so getting them 'switched on' increases total available leg strength. Korey Smith used to come out after his knee injury and do extra sessions of these before the start of the match. @redsquirrel https://www.thebiomechanicsmethod.com/2019/07/09/are-weak-glutes-causing-your-knee-pain/
  16. If the article is accurate, it's amazing how unprofessional and unsympathetic championship clubs are making themselves look. Clubs that pay salaries FAR higher than they could afford in the good times, angrily and unanimously refusing to renegotiate or cap those salaries, either now or in the future. And apparently 'apoplectic' that the taxpayer won't bail them out? It's ridiculous!
  17. Oh yes it does (pantomime style) At least it does on my tv.
  18. It does. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find all the red button fixtures.
  19. Couldn't agree more. City looked so well drilled and solid defensively. It's been a strength all season, but I thought even better last night. Big credit to the manager.
  20. It's possible to learn to react more calmly in a pressure situation and that may come for Semenyo. But it needs to start happening for him fairly soon. It's going to be even harder to stay composed when there are 20,000 fans in the stadium.
  21. Don't think there is a catch. I think they did this thru self interest. If they hadn't and more than a couple of clubs had gone under - imagine if 5+ clubs had gone bust! - there would have been calls for a windfall tax or government regulation. They'll pay a lot to head that off. And they do actually benefit from a thriving or at least functioning pyramid. They've just discovered they're going to have to buy more British trained young players and they can't train them all themselves. And the package doesn't cost that much. £3m per PL club if all the grants and loans get drawn down?
  22. I don't think even in his worst steaks he was that much worse than expected. Teams that finished lower generally had similar or longer losing steaks. And teams that finished higher had shorter losing steaks. Exactly as you'd expect. (Caveat: I did check the records, but it's at least a couple of years ago... I may be misremembering)
  23. I didn't watch the game last night, only the highlights. One thing I've been looking for signs of a developing connection between Semenyo and Dasilva. Were they linking up well?
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