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  1. Only commenting on what I actually observed, nothing else.
  2. I only witnessed police booking cars, not the council. The only cars being booked deserved to be towed. Smythe Road junction was unbelievable.
  3. Did you see Bakinsons last game? Anybody off the bench yesterday would have been a better option. We were being overrun, why Pearson chose someone who has proven to be so immobile remains a mystery.
  4. I thought he was world class compared to Bakinson who shouldn't be in the match day squad, let alone get on to the pitch.
  5. Northampton away, shipping seven goals.
  6. I saw Shearer say the fans had got the club back!. How the hell did he come to that conclusion. The Saudis have it mate.
  7. Reserved for any team from the wrong side of the river. They should have built a wall not a bridge
  8. Thanks John. Excellent photos. Can this become a regular feature?
  9. I thought it was very funny that the use of swear words by both men and women in the Portuguese population was unrestricted. The c word was used as liberally as any other and the significance of its use was lost in translation
  10. Interesting figures, although that only shows Portuguese born residents. The extended Portuguese families which now probably extends to 4th or 5th generation would take the figure well beyond 7%. I left the island in 2012 and it was widely accepted there was in excess of 15,000 people who considered themselves to be Madeiran/Portuguese or dual nationality from Venezuela or Brazil. Lovely people and made many friends.
  11. A very small pool and most of the best footballers on the island are Madeira born with allegiance to the Portuguese clubs.
  12. I thought I was watching ITV Scotland for most of the match. Everything Scotland did was" GREET"
  13. Renewed two tickets and no admin charge.
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