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  1. Instead of like the old days of a couple of quid for the gateman im gonna try with an old phone if he wants it....
  2. Be a waste of space if blackpool get the whole atyeo...
  3. Might be a few japanese soldiers in the crowd...
  4. Id say that on paper thats our "best" 11 available at the moment... But we play on grass.....
  5. Can only ever remember tony rance as a commercial director.... So does this mean the return of the rockin' robins and chimps tea parties on the centre spot?
  6. Thats the fellow... Knew there was a ring to his name somewhere
  7. Went into boxing didn't he?...
  8. absolute ******* scum and anyone defending the scum
  9. Hope they cleared the dog mess up before ko....
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