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  1. bit dear for a tube of toothpaste......
  2. reminds me of the smashy and nice sketch of 8 days a week....
  3. more mobility up top looking akin to the 17/18 team
  4. Yeah... But how fast will the train be goin if its say pulling in or out of the station?
  5. you should have listened to radio bristol years ago.....no commentary just cut off the records to report a goal 99% of the time the wrong way
  6. can remember a young lady collecting coins in a pint pot in there for a good cause......
  7. Did blackwells goal come from a cross?.. .
  8. No bother anyway was there?
  9. Why dont you scrap one of the many x3 or x4s that always look empty and keep the x5 going even if scaled down?
  10. Are you on a liquid lunch nog?
  11. Werent there a flag with a pic of fred west in one corner and bristol rovers in the middle...?
  12. China and india the biggest culprits but try saying anything against em.....
  13. did the swedes start with a flat pack 4 ?....
  14. hopefully antoine might have some 'inside info' for nige then....
  15. Holloway looks more like peter Sutcliffe....
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