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  1. I did meet Gary Lineker in Soho House once, he was hanging out with a couple of friendly ladies. Nice chap all in all Not ‘hanging out’ in ‘that’ sense btw
  2. It’s because they overate his ability as a manager so assume it can’t possibly be his fault. He’s been a busted flush for a good number of years…
  3. Incredible that people are still making excuses for him.
  4. Coming down to my first game of the season tonight but my printers out of action. Anyone ever tried scanning the barcode directly off the ticket pdf on their phone to get in, does it work?
  5. Amazing considering the injury he’s come back from. Proper battler with incredible attitude
  6. Agree on Henderson. Think that small change could make us that tiny bit more forward thinking and step us up another level. Wouldn’t lose much defensively either
  7. Could possibly end up being Salah mk II? Would suit Liverpool much better
  8. Same with Kill the Bill, XR etc. Everyone lazily dismissing them as hippies and anarchists whilst governments and corporations literally looting the people and planet are given a free ride because it’s an inconvenience to disrupt them.
  9. I know for a fact that he became a bit billy big bollocks in general after the Man U game
  10. SedRA


    Exactly, this is why I don’t get the argument of ‘name someone else better than Pearson’ when it’s suggested he might not be the best possible candidate for our permanent position.
  11. This type of shady power grabbing, profit at all costs mentality underpins pretty much all of western society currently. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be much outrage about the decimation of fundamental elements of society, the environment, social welfare, education etc maybe this will help people realise what the **** is going on around them right now, although I dont hold out much hope.
  12. But Nigel Pearson is nowhere near a Klopp or Guardiola level even in the championship. There seems to be this idea that Nige is some sort of master operator that has figured out everything wrong with the club and is definitely gonna put it right given time, but his history doesn’t suggest that at all. He’s had successes and he’s had failure, which many would suggest depend on whether he has Shakespeare working with him, which he won’t have here. There’s a lot of blame for the players now (which I partly agree with) but I think Nige himself will also be concerned with his own ability to get much of a performance out of them at the moment (particularly at home). Don’t get me wrong, whilst I wasn’t keen on his appointment I genuinely hope he does well and am happy to see him given time, but I don’t think it’s such a banker that if he stays it will all go swimmingly.
  13. Just to clarify, I havent liked Pearson from the start.
  14. These players aren’t brilliant but I’m disappointed to not really see any sort of improvement in team performance since Pearson’s taken over apart from a few lucky results at the beginning. Maybe he’ll sort stuff out for next season but I’m not impressed with anything I’m seeing so far, including his spiky and verbose interviews which everyone seems to froth over so much.
  15. In time we’ll see. Just find the hero worship ‘Big Nige can do no wrong’ attitude a bit weird personally.
  16. Some of the comments on here show why those demonstrations are necessary.
  17. Massengo, Palmer, Walsh, Jay D, Lansbury, Sessegnon, Martin and IMO Nagy all have the technical abilities to keep possession. I know not all of these have been available at times but I don’t think it’s just down the technical aspect. As Nige stated in his interview this evening there’s a large psychological component and I’d agree on his assessment of the players inability to deal with setbacks. They seem to be deflated very easily, whether that’s conceding, an injury to an important player, not scoring early or being frustrated by a well set up team etc we don’t seem to be able to keep an intensity of aggression and belief in our play that is needed to break teams down.
  18. Dunno, have seen many oppositions teams wingers/wide forwards come to the Gate and have a field day, so not too sure the pitch makes a huge difference.
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