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  1. 59 minutes ago, Peter O Hanraha-hanrahan said:

    We don’t make a big song and dance about supposedly having ‘amazing’ away support.

    How many did we take anyway? Thought it was about 1800? 
    Edit. It was 1890.

    Exactly this.

    Sag who I work with went to hartlepool away and was adamant they took around 600, despite official numbers saying it was half of that.

    Their bullshitting never fails to amaze.

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  2. 1 hour ago, In the Net said:

    Apologies, somebody had written exactly the same thing on the forum, so I wrongly assumed that was where you'd got it from.  I was referring to that poster with regard to posting negative things, not yourself (to be fair, I wouldn't expect you to post anything positive).

    Ah apologies also, thought you were referring to me 😂

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  3. 6 minutes ago, In the Net said:

    It was posted by one person, who only ever has negative things to say - plenty of other posts pointing out that what he said was incorrect - wonder why BCFC11 didn't quote one of those?

    He referred to said person as "lineswoman", then hastily corrected himself, as one must do these days. 

    I have no clue what ‘posts’ you are referring to? The person I heard it from was from a Sag who was actually at the game, who funnily enough for some reason or another thinks the sun shines out of Barton’s ass.

    As for me only posting ‘negative things’ not like your shower do anything positive now isit, hence why this thread exists.

  4. 22 minutes ago, In the Net said:

    He was making sure that they didn't confront the referee, physically pulled one player away - same as a lot of managers usually do when the players have been riled by some of the ref's decisions.  If you're going to criticise, at least keep it factual. 

    This actually came from one of your own, so not making shit up. Funny how Barton criticised the Ref (again) at FT 🙄 everyone’s fault except his own.

  5. These absolute mongs never fail to amaze me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    we averaged 26,000 one season in the 50’s in what now is the championship, and over 13,000 in 1973/74 promotion season, if you think small you will remain small, I’m 100% convinced, supply a ground on the level of Ashton Gate, fund the team accordingly and we’d be averaging over 20,000 a season I’m sure.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Banned User said:

    Barton says "You can't blame anyone other than yourself", and then follows up with "The buck stops with the players"



    Also goes onto say the buck stops with the Manager!!

    Honestly cannot see why so many of the fewers are still backing Barton, he’s done F’ ALL to improve them. Keep him I say!

  7. 2 minutes ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

    An we wunt of gone down if all us gasheads had bin in the mem cheering um on

    Heard this bullshit a few times from those losers.

    Yeah cos it’s such a cauldron of noise and so intimidating for visiting teams at the swamp 🙄

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  8. This debate comes up on a regular basis ,'the green eyed monster' !
    If you are measuring status purely by material 'wealth' then there is no debate but there are many ways you can measure 'wealth' richness, and whatever .
    I know for a fact that fans of other clubs regard Bristol City as 'cash rich' but Rovers as the richer club on many other scales, it is difficult to explain but most Rovers Fans will know what i mean.
    I have watched rugby at Ashton and i am impressed with the set up but not jealous in any way, yes i would like a better stadium but would be happy with a 14- 15000 redeveloped Mem, enough for our needs imho.
    Has the material wealth made City Fans happy? well if you listen to them on G/T post match most Saturdays, far from it! they are worse than us lot at moaning! There was one on the other week , so called 50 year fan ,who said it was the worst time ever! really,? they have very short memories, 4th division , bankruptcy and all that!
    For all there material wealth they are not that far in front of us on the pitch. Someone will no doubt be able to check, but i would not mind betting that take away Cities 5 game winning opening to season and substituting the points average from the rest of the season instead then they would be in, or very close to a relegation place!
    I am proud to follow Rovers , proud of our fans who stuck with the club through all sorts of 'crisis'. Twerton, National league, and the rest and i do not look across town with envy, but with pity for 'poor little rich kids' who have everything but can not find happiness, up the Rovers!




    How they seriously believe this shit is totally beyond me, this poor little Sag knows it to be 'fact' but it's apparently difficult to explain, yet most Sags knows what he means! That would be down to Gaslogic and the amount of BS they all spout, that when it's said enough it becomes fact.

    No fanbase anywhere like that lot. 


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