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  1. Typical city make a simple job difficult. Bloody disgrace. Hang you head in shame mr lansdown.
  2. Should have had straight refund, plus free live stream as gesture of goodwill for anyone who has already bought next years season ticket.
  3. If only we had someone who could Work out how many ST holders there are , work out how much a refund would be , do the maths on back of fag packet and Let us all know. Prob a 10 min phone call with SL would work. Needs an accountant or the like. other clubs have done it, piss poor in my opinion.
  4. elhombrecito, that’s the issue - When will we know , the club saying nothing presumes nothing will be offered, What are they waiting for, Don’t forget it is unlikely crowds will be back before next season starts as well.
  5. Should not need a test case , clubs should just reimburse for missed games , if they don’t and shows what they think of the fans..
  6. Most if not all of SL "loans"end up being converted to shares issues rather than cash repayment.
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