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  1. Think half this thread are belters just coming on here to tell people not to post on this thread! Does this thread get a bit boring sometimes? yes! Is better to have this one big thread than lots of little ones? Yes! Does posting on this thread prevent City performing in anyway on match days (as some gormless prats have suggested)?no absolutely and the suggestion is laughable!
  2. How are you managing to focus on writing on this thread when you said everybody's focus should be on Bristol city I'm curious?
  3. How do you manage to work, shit,shower, shave, eat and breathe if all your focus is on city and nothing else?
  4. Match abandoned fighting and rioting on the pitch you both get chucked out of the cup big, massive fines you both can't pay and both go bankrupt and cease to exist! Carlsburg don't do cup ties but if they did....
  5. As you'll now be aware my inner knowledge of the working of this stain on the moral fabric of society has now flown away with the birds. Time has flown on any influence I once had on certain decision makers and I'm sad to say I've not accomplished my main directive the complete destruction of the scum, I'm sure you'll all agree I have it my best shot the sacking of Trollope, the hiring of McGee the sacking of ward with 8 games to go genius on my part, but I thought the whispers in certain ears to go to appeal twice against sainsburys and secure a wonga loan would be they're undoing! Unfortunately they ones I have once had influence over are gone and now they will surely go from being relegation fodder to becoming a seriously league 1 to league 2 yoyo team and that will be my failure! Until wally sells up maybe I will be able to exert some sort of influence over the next lot until then as always I am the mole!
  6. And 2 right feet by the looks of things!!!!
  7. Corleone and kachina would my two candidates!!
  8. Looked tidy with the ball until the final third we've created nothing bring on Reid and burns for me!
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