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  1. Always puts a smile on my face when I see jets goal against the gas. Especially with rovers dry January going very well at the moment !
  2. Welcome to Ashton Gate, Two Stroke Eddie!!!!!
  3. That's really sad news, and no age at all. R. I. P Junior agogo.
  4. Not a starter on Saturday, but depending on how things go, will definitely come off the subs bench and contribute.
  5. I've got a good feeling about massengo. Apparently excellent last night, apart from a few positioning errors in his game. Very lively the second half, and will become a fan favourite given more time to develop. Closer to the first team than most of the others last night.
  6. You could only build on top of the south stand, if lansdown bought at least half a dozen houses at the back. Couldn't see it happening otherwise.
  7. Nixon can keep an eye on what ever he likes, but not worth taking any notice of. Full of shit if I'm honest.
  8. We were never a realistic option for Charlie Austin, and him going to WBA makes perfect Sense. Hopefully Bobby is coming are way now.
  9. I'm won over now by us going to try and get Bobby Reid. Charlie Austin would be massive for us, but i just don't see it due to his very high wage demands. I'd rather get a centre half for cover for Moore,and stick with Reid.
  10. Reading that alone, has totally convinced me that we should get Bobby Reid back at Ashton Gate!!!!!!
  11. Can't make my mind up about bobby reid coming back. I like So many others, had my heart set on eddie nketiah coming to us and was in the mind set he would be everything we needed in a striker, and could easily get 20+ goals. That deal looks dead in the water now, and part of me is warming to the idea of Bobby coming back. It's a little bit of a strange situation, and relies on warnock not wanting him, and us mainly being able to afford his wages, or getting somewhere close, and giving him a golden hand shake to come back to us. Maybe the player will push the move, and persuade warnock to part
  12. He looks really talented for a player so young. Great range of passing, and is able to make good interceptions. Also has got a good change of pace. A very capable player.
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