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  1. The champagne of victory: Reading other teams forums and sucking up the sadness as if by osmosis. UTFC
  2. 3 points are 3 points. FORTRESS ASHTON ******* GATE
  3. If you're there, sing the **** up. Drag them home. Mon the cider gropers.
  4. Be Zen. City were good against Reading? Maybe. City were shit against Sheffield United? Maybe. City are shit? Maybe. It's constantly in flux. It's the only way I can cope.
  5. A running joke supposedly. Tenuously associated with a 'recruitment agency' via an academic institution nowadays.
  6. If he hasn't worked it out by now then I'd be concerned!
  7. Just come 45 minutes earlier and walk up North Street to any number of restaurants that are half the price and twice as good.
  8. Up the ******* Tomas imo
  9. If you're reading this forum Stokies - I'm still cracking up that we won with a goal from a long throw, and that Jojo Allen had an absolute job done on him. I'll probably still be giggling when I get in bed tonight. AVE IT
  10. I honest to god once had a centre back pull on my pubes at a corner, I think they can handle a little hair pulling above the shoulders.
  11. Benarous' disciplined really surprised me - for a boy making his first few steps in men's football, he kept demanding the ball after he got battered, kept his shape (for the most part) when he had to track back, closed down his man with real guts and determination - a genuinely good performance. Was meant to go tonight but can't afford the train right now, so gutted I missed out on the inevitable celebrations (have one for me if you're reading/posting on OTIB in the pub). Signs of an NP resurgence? Or is that a bit presemptuous?
  12. Hard running from Martin and Weimann cannot go unnoticed. That quick to the ball, intense City, backed up by noisy fans at AG is a hell of a combination. UTFC
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