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  1. Remember when the big man flew to Newcastle just to get the next flight back again? Imagine never having that kind of content ever again? NTTDS is one of the most interesting and fun people on this forum.
  2. My moratortium on OTIB has been entirely about lack of bristolcitysweden content. The man is a genius.
  3. Recently finished my dissertation on Lefebvre and Baudrillard through the conception of fan spaces, and I must disagree. The East End elucidated socially emergent working class cultures. The South Stand was built with none of this in mind, and no longitudinal research to date notes that the same bonding processes will occur in the SS that were presend in the EE. What is more likely is that there will be a swell of young people who are dissasitfised with the limitations provided by modern football, and will complain at length to afford themselves more room to express fanatical support for the club, while a group of elder fans will resist to preserve the status quo. Older fans who stood in the East End, and who benefited from the milleu of social conscience at the time, should realise that young people nowadays have lost the ability to have that same formative experience.
  4. The new stadium absolutely is part of the lacklustre atmosphere. You can't disturb the spatial practice of fans and expect them to behave in exactly the same way. The club aren't helping either.
  5. He was absolutely fantastic. Setting the right culture for the fans early doors, understanding of where we are, conveying his position to fans in the way previous incumbents couldn't manage to do with the same honesty. Really feel comfortable with big Nige at the helm. Up the Nige Pearson Cider Groping City UTNPCGC
  6. Heroic stuff. Good on you Jake.
  7. Capitalism has colonised the quotidian, the everyday experience of simply hanging a flag up at the football. Impermissible because there's a Heineken advert that must be displayed! You are absolutely spot on. Minor adjustments impact enormously the reality of 'supporting' a football club.
  8. It's myopic to think your football team is in some way different from any other, neoliberalism has handily seen to homogenising the supporter experience around the UK, be that in our hinterlands or otherwise. Bristol is a bit of a weird city though. Henri Lefebvre would have us believe that the change to our spatial practice with the redevelopment of the ground and street spaces around it has altered the feel of the club - that changes social cohesion, it changes the structure to our experience in the representational space. Comfort is putting it a bit plainly. Capitalism obliterates differences between football clubs, so there's no reason to think it's particularly unique to us imo. Would we be having this discussion if we'd won the FA Cup in 1909? I don't think so. Bad luck and internal mismanagement, I reckons I do. Oh well and onto the next one.
  9. Any statistics on sleep walkers/talkers by region?
  10. Never been to Dean Court, what a funny little place it looks. Wouldn't be out of place in League 1.
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