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  1. Really interesting thread, and one that speaks to misinterpretations about the sociocultural impacts of a professional football club in any city - in my humble and poorly informed opinion. I would heavily suggest anyone interested in how football clubs shape cities and vice versa read some of the work of John Bale, an emiment sociological geographer of footballing spaces. Bristol City, and the cultural spaces that exist in it's periphery (pubs, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, takeaways) exist because of the inherent loyalty of normal people to the collective experience of football. The areas around Ashton Gate are the overflowing of collective consciousness that results in the physical environment that is our club. The club is defined by it's followers, but the club equally defines the people that follow it. Rising Sun, Miners Arms, Three Lions? Expressions of a wider consciousness in South Bristol. Equally, acceptance of commercialisation reflects trends in Bristol. A 2-way street.
  2. Had the instincts to make a good run in behind an experienced defence, and don't think the second was an easy one by any means. Did well regardless.
  3. Well done boys. Hell of a shift. All you can ask for really.
  4. Hoping for a few barely legal tackles tonight. Up the Swindon.
  5. I had hypnotherapy for anxiety-related blushing - silly little thing to most people, but it crippled me socially. Ever since, I've been so much more confident. Would recommend to anyone.
  6. Those few quotes tell you so much about Mark Ashton, Paul Cook, the nature of PC's sacking, and the faith the board at Ipswich have placed in one of the big charlatans in English football. I'll be praying for you, Ipswich Town.
  7. Scott Sinclair's from Bath isn't he? Does that count?
  8. Have to assume mental strength in the face of evidence to the altenative imo.
  9. Sickening tinpot nonsense from the super rovaz
  10. What a piece of work is Antoine? How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god, The beauty of the world, The paragon of animals.
  11. No need for the imho Davros. Got beaten twice by two good players. Had Max stepped out a second earlier then he'd have been saved on the first, and had a moment of madness on the second, while trying to redeem himself for his earlier 'mistake'. Fine margins, and easy for those who haven't really played the game to call that a bad performance (imho). He did very well with his control and distribution of the game.
  12. Annoying bit is how true this is for him. Wonder if he's had any individual sports psychology work done. I love him to bits, but as soon as the instict gives way to the thought processing he struggles.
  13. Likes a tackle. Likes a pint, likes a brawl, likes a scone, too.
  14. Absolutely off my rocker at present. Merry Christmas all you foul OTIB degenerates, and have a particularly merry new year. Drink lots, have fun, disregard everyone's thoughts. Be good to one another. Have a beautiful Xmas from the horrible shithole that is Southampton, St Mary's, ZE
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