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  1. I think their full name was Matthew Taylor Moore Goals Please
  2. But he twist his ankle doing it?
  3. The O'Driscoll He asked me "If Angelina had come to bed eyes, would you go or not"? What an O'Driscoll!
  4. We lost. But Lee Johnson wasn't in charge. Which pretty much sums up the nonsense above.
  5. I don't believe so. At least all the others in the asylum say I'm OK. Which bit did you disagree with?
  6. I'm amazed people think we played well tonight. We played an average team who never tried hard and won. I'm watching Wiemann run around a lot. Which is what he does best. Simpson is a red card waiting to happen Dear God, Dasilva??? I'd like to congratulate him for winning a header in the 83rd minute. I say "win". It accidentally hit his head and went out for their throw in. He did nothing else. Wells? Average. The one plus is Massengo who was top notch. He won't start the next game...
  7. Bit weird if he's going to commute from Bristol to Rome every day.
  8. Chivs


    I'm not bothered but probably want Barnsley to go up as least likely place I might visit. Otherwise, I really want Sunderland to come up as then we can guarantee that we will see a great manager at least once next year at Ashton Gate.
  9. I admit I was thinking of Pearson as I wrote that question. And I would have got away with it if it wasn't for you @pongo88. But I really don't believe SL has "seen the light". He doesn't treat BCFC like any other business. Football, of course, is not like any other business, but some of the core fundamentals of a business still apply. Recruit the best people to meet the business strategy you have set. Is Pearson a head coach or a manager? What happened to the five pillars? What happened to youth promotion? SL isn't running BCFC. He's just got it as a puppy for his kiddie. Perhaps Richard Gould can be a grown-up in the room?
  10. That's a very good question! See below... Doesn't Lansdown do this all the time? When was the last time he appointed someone he didn't previously have a professional relationship with? The simple fact is that Lansdown has a very poor record with recruitment. And it all starts with his son....
  11. LoD. Happy to help, young man.
  12. Isn't Hargreaves Lansdown essentially a gambling organisation? So the Lansdown Stand should go
  13. Probably because it's out of this world. What? Galaxy? No? I'll get my coat.
  14. I think after referees saw Tomlin's effort they decided there wasn't much point awarding them to us.
  15. On behalf of @SecretSam,"copy and paste" ?
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