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  1. Perhaps Steve isn't very technical and just can't get Zoom to work? I imagine Jon banging his head against the screen "Nooo, click the camera button. In the middle. Looks like a camera!"
  2. Stay awake->Control your anger->Save Lansdown
  3. I'm up for the "How many red cards will Ashley Williams receive in this game" option. I reckon I might make some points.
  4. Yep, thanks to @RedYoshi for a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to next season.
  5. In fairness, I think they were pretty magnanimous, certainly they were on the train I shared with them back to the car park. They were all surprisingly miserable as well. But they were from Hull. Probably more recently than us...
  6. This has snore fest written all over it. All the players will be mentally on the beach. We will lose of course. And the prospective managers watching us will likely kill themselves out of boredom.
  7. OK, the master plan can wait no longer. I'm playing the Triple Captain card with the Overload (or Overlord as I know it) card: Fammy C, Wiemann C, Afobe C. Watch the points roll in...
  8. Plus, he clearly took time out at an undertakers, which is admirable.
  9. Hope I'm not too late for the Swans: Dasilva (Kalas) Paterson C (Smith) Wells VC (Afobe)
  10. Cheese and Onion
  11. Sorry, is this some kind of euphemism I'm not aware of. Or did Ashton do a Robin of Sherwood type thing and jump out on Hughton in a wood, whilst wearing a green suit (hopefully with purple trim), and say "Oi Hughton 4-3-3 or 3-5-2, mate"?
  12. Apparently @RedYoshi thinks Wiemann isn't a midfielder despite his Zico like mastery of the right flank in recent games...so... Baker VC (Benkovic) O'dowda (Nagy) Wells C (Diedhiou) I can only assume @RedYoshi has overlooked the fact that O'Dowda isn't a midfielder either.
  13. I'd be interested to know any outcomes from your research. It's a good point re. Hughton. I suppose the corollary to your suggestion are managers like McCarthy, Allardyce, Redknapp who seem to be successful up to about job 15! And since you ask, the City job would be number 2 for me as I took one match for Madeley Wanderers when the manager was too drunk to turn up one Sunday morning.
  14. I likes chips. Not sure what an overload one is though. For Stoke: Baker VC (Benkovic) O'dowda (Wiemann) Wells C (Diedhiou)
  15. Is this actually true though? I always wonder about the value of any manager. If you show me a successful manager, I will show you a manager who had a lot of money to spend. Also, it seems like even the most successful managers (Pep, Jose, Alex, Arsene) eventually seem to become worse at their jobs. How can that be if they are great managers? Is it because they are spending less, or it was never really about them? On this basis, I would appoint me (£500k pa bargain) and spend the saving on a half-decent midfielder. Win-win for everyone.
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