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  1. Sitrom

    Alex Scott

    But maybe over that first few yards or feet. Dunno why I said yards. No idea what that is. That boost of speed to move away from the oppo. He has all the rest.
  2. Sitrom

    Alex Scott

    Nice report. There is that story about the advice given to Harry Kane. He may be able to get that extra yard of pace with work. And he is still so young.
  3. 1999-2000 I reckon Previous season
  4. They look so young. I know they're young but they look like kids. Cheers for that tho.
  5. That was the most enjoyable game of the season. I'm buzzing. Wish I was there.
  6. Couldn't find a match worn one..... But I think you're about right!
  7. Great corner at the end then. Went into orbit. Thought Vine looked alright. Good game overall.
  8. I don't know what the average age of their side is but it does look like our kids a playing a bunch of blokes.
  9. Gutting. Nice free kick though.
  10. Penalty! Everyone looks confused!
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