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  1. Not really set alight this game. I know the recent success with long balls but they are just being pumped into the stands or straight to their keeper. Needs abit more calmness but Sheffield don't look great either. Can see the effort though from both teams.
  2. True but I would also add that not only his effort is likeable but he's impacted games in a much more positive way than Zak. I remember him driving forward and starting off attacks which was benefitting us. I'm sorry to say Vyner just isn't Championship standard just like we've established with Moore. I think its a simple case that Nigel prefers Idehen currently which takes up that bench spot.
  3. Can you leave the Gas chat to the dustbin? Brilliant performance from the lads. Best of the season by far. Delighted for the whole team not just the boys up top. Yet they were class. Hope they carry that into next season!
  4. Now this I agree with. Obviously in hindsight its easy to say but he's done great for Shrewsbury. I always thought he looked good when he played for us. Relatively young still. Hunt and Rowe were best to be moved on when they were. We are still having a reset of the team and it had to start with them.
  5. I think we did the right thing by releasing him. We then made the mistake of signing Simpson. Just a position that needs to be addressed this summer with competition with Tanner.
  6. I'm not just being negative but think he has a point. We've been fortunate Weimann and to a lesser degree Martin and Semenyo have produced important goals to keep us afloat. In terms of how we've played throughout the season we've been second best against a large majority of teams.
  7. It's rubbish simple as. No disrespect to the OP but its not even a conceivable idea.
  8. Was much more composed with his work, shot selection and variety much improved and didn't gas after 3 rounds like before. Took his time by peppering his opponent and stopped him in the last round.
  9. Campbell Hatton looks much better now. Definitely still raw but has improved loads since the fight he was lucky to win.
  10. He gets away with this constantly. He must be on the payroll.
  11. I feel sick for Jack. Its embarrassing for Boxing tonight. There needs to be an enquiry into the judges.
  12. Palmer-Houlden looks decent. Puts himself about and looks to set up play. I was half watching whilst working but did Toby say he's been banging in the goals for under 18s?
  13. The thing is this wasn't the main issue that has caused most of our problems. Covid accelerated the issue but paying over the top wages and fees and banking on success in the transfer market is the main issue. Even if Covid hadn't come along do you still think we'd get a return on the 4 million outlay on Kasey Palmer, the 8 million we paid for Kalas, the 4.5 million on Nakhi Wells? Those fees along with their hefty wages which are way above our pay grade.
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