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  1. I'm definitely not friends or family but here's my breakdown of your mare: I saw your first post and thought that's rubbish he clearly has had a knee jerk reaction to an U23 game and doesn't follow our youngsters too much (which is fine). Other posters have stated the truth as per the table for last year and this years. Admittedly I think its abit overboard to be asked to apologise as another poster has said but your carrying on and even doubling down on your nonsense. You've been proved wrong in black and white. You dismiss Kelly as an example because you think the fee was too much yet that's irrelevant they paid a fee for a player who came through our academy.. simple as. Sometimes just accept when you've had a mare...
  2. Thought he was very steady on his debut. Better improvement on Vyner and Simpson in my eyes.
  3. This sort of post is very premature. I wasn't automatically bought into Nigel Pearson like some on here. I think some would suck the fart out of his behind if given half the chance. He will be judged on results for me but he's definitely made small improvements on last seasons dire performances. You can tell the players are up for it more. We've just lacked that little bit of quality and rub of the green. He needs proper time before we make judgements like this.
  4. Where was Palmer? Haha you did mostly get it bang on to be honest. Fair play! Love you've had that in the back of your mind though.
  5. I'm sorry I know its your opinion but that team is awful. That looks like an LJ experiment (square pegs in round holes to nullify the opposition)
  6. Honestly nothing more than a pessimistic hunch. Just feel like there will be a host of other clubs ready to pounce and I'm sure Han and his representatives would of expected us to be further on as a club since he joined.
  7. I'm not trying to be negative but I really have reservations whether we will be able to extend HNM's contract. In my opinion I feel we may lose him for a lower fee before then or he'll go out the door on a free.
  8. You're sort of contradicting yourself there.
  9. I think that's as far fetched as the 5 million fee banded about. Too many people have been playing Football Manager recently.
  10. He won't play, wants to leave, we're desperate to free up the wages. He'll be gone in a year for free anyways. Saves us paying wages for someone who won't get a game above James, Massengo, Williams, King or Bakinson.
  11. Were definitely not getting 5 million for Nagy. That would probably be a Pisa record fee for them and double what they've paid for any other players this season with new investment. All for a bit part Championship player who cost us less than 2 mil with one year left on his contract. Plus the fact we are in this covid football market. Not a chance.. I would think about 1 million if were lucky yet ill just be happy we are saving wages.
  12. Although I get your point we've been crap for a long while now. Think it's way too early for this sort of post. We were hardly going to turn into Man City all of a sudden. You may be right come the end of the season though.
  13. I would go: Bentley Vyner Kalas Atkinson Dasilva James Nagy Weimann Scott O'Dowda Wells
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