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  1. Very reasonable assessment of next season. Bit of a consoladation season and add value to the squad if we get some good performers that step up. The only risk is that we put too much trust in the youth to find that value and we find ourselves flirting not with financial ruin but relegation instead. It's going to be a tough ask for a new manager regardless.
  2. To take some respite from all the manager talk.. Seemingly whoever takes over is going to have to work with what we've got to some degree, of course we will do business in certain positions but largely we will use the squad. How would you line up with and in what formation? Also what positions would you be looking to improve on? RB springs to mind for me and wouldn't mind going 3 at the back so would need another CB. A striker if Fam goes which looks likely. What's your thoughts?
  3. The main thing that worries me is the squad that Holden will inherit if he takes over. I don't think he's the man for the job but I'll support him. If there is no money in the coffers and seemingly Fam and Elliason are gone that does leave a very inexperienced team. In some ways I'm really excited by the prospect of the involvement of loan players coming back and can't wait to see what they can do. On the other hand we've got a very imbalanced team that I think might struggle. All the oldest players that we have that will play a part don't strike me as leaders i.e Wells, Weimann, Bak
  4. Not maybe it won't and neither will posting on here. Also threatening season ticket refunds won't do it either considering only about 30% capacity next season. It's pointless may as well get behind whoever gets taken on because ultimately it's not our decision, btw I'm not happy with the potential appointment but will support my team through gritted teeth regardless.
  5. Completely agree on the basis of free speech but what will a three bedsheets and some matt paint achieve.. Really?
  6. I obviously have no idea like you but you trust a national newspapers rumour more than the words of the man himself?
  7. We never chased Gerrard.. The Liverpool legend told reporters: "I am content here, I'm happy. "My people haven't heard anything from Bristol City, so I think it's just paper talk and rumours."
  8. Gotta be nothing more than happy and humble regarding Joe. Just be pleased for him and forget talking about what if's. It's nice we've produced such a good player and he's a Bristol lad!
  9. Joe Bryan absolute class. So happy for him!!
  10. I'm not a fan of the potential appointment, bit premature though ain't it? Also isn't something I would do! Getting the bedsheets out to vent me frustration's at the club. Looks like someone has taken a piss in front of the sign on the left?
  11. It was actually broken first by the journo Wayne Veysey on the platform below: https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-40-yr-old-in-pole-position-to-land-bristol-city-job-after-twist/ That journo has worked for a few newspapers and primarily goal.com. He also was the first to report on Zain Westbrooke going to the gas before our local rag jumped on it, seems like the same has happened again.
  12. He said it's unlikely just sounds like waffle to me... An unlikely option is former midfielder Cole Skuse, with the Ipswich Town veteran having been close to returning to Ashton Gate last summer and obviously well known in BS3. He could offer a vital link between the management and younger players in the squad, as Rene Gilmartin has done this year. He has been coaching with Woodbridge Town as well as gaining his badges over the past two seasons. Skuse, was a late target for the Robins on transfer deadline day a year ago, and a bid was made to take the midfielder on loan to add his le
  13. I always try to support the club in their decisions probably in blind faith sometimes but this appointment and more so the process of the appointment has been awful to say the least (if of course is true) I could of been way more receptive to the appointment due the loss of revenue if it was done weeks ago. Because atleast then we could of hit the ground running on the transfer business. I would of been disappointed either way but I can't stop but feel abit pissed off. I can't just switch off and say I won't support the club because I will. Dean will get a chance with me but if things don
  14. https://shop.bristol-sport.co.uk/page/storeopeningtimes
  15. That sounds very reasonable.
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