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  1. Sing me a song Semenyooo Sing me a song tonight When he’s in the mood for scoring He’ll make your defence look shite (To the tune of piano man) Cant wait to hear this Saturday, possibly on Radio 1
  2. 23 points from winning positions lost now? Unreal. We’d be ******* promoted if it wasn’t for that.
  3. That Massengo run and assist is doing bad things to me
  4. Surely common sense needs to prevail in situations like this, when safety is concerned. It’s ok to shut roads and keep drivers stranded for hours in their cars for safety reasons, surely holding people back in a secure environment with facilities is less against human rights than a shunt on the M4.
  5. If you want a lesson on how to score goals, rewatch this match. If you want a lesson on how not to defend, rewatch this match. Powderpuff defensively.
  6. Hell of a game, but I’m not enjoying it anymore…
  7. As a keeper it’s always disappointing to concede near post but he’s done the defender too easily and absolutely wellied it, got to give the striker credit sometimes!
  8. Trust me to choose this as the first game I miss this season.
  9. Seen a video on social media from a Derby fan, filming the guy run on the pitch and also posted his name in the video… cant imagine it would take long to get back to his employer, but somehow I very much doubt he is employed……
  10. Exactly. I’d rather a shite first 15 than last 15. But then again I wouldn’t mind a solid 90.
  11. If we’re winning 1-0 and the time the throws are taking are going unnoticed then I’m happy, no issue in my opinion, the longer the better. If I was an opposition player/fan losing 1-0 and the throws were taking that long however……….
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