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  1. If you want a lesson on how to score goals, rewatch this match. If you want a lesson on how not to defend, rewatch this match. Powderpuff defensively.
  2. Hell of a game, but I’m not enjoying it anymore…
  3. As a keeper it’s always disappointing to concede near post but he’s done the defender too easily and absolutely wellied it, got to give the striker credit sometimes!
  4. Trust me to choose this as the first game I miss this season.
  5. Seen a video on social media from a Derby fan, filming the guy run on the pitch and also posted his name in the video… cant imagine it would take long to get back to his employer, but somehow I very much doubt he is employed……
  6. Exactly. I’d rather a shite first 15 than last 15. But then again I wouldn’t mind a solid 90.
  7. If we’re winning 1-0 and the time the throws are taking are going unnoticed then I’m happy, no issue in my opinion, the longer the better. If I was an opposition player/fan losing 1-0 and the throws were taking that long however……….
  8. O’Dowda fantastic this first half. Lovely ball by Martin for the pen, and a good finish
  9. 0 goals conceded when Benarous is on the pitch - facts don’t lie…
  10. The thing which baffles me with the ‘Sack NP’ brigade is not only how do we do that within FFP, but who the hell are you going to replace him with? We all wanted a proven manager with a decent track record… we’ve got that? Or is he not the right one? Who is the right one if NP isn’t? Do we go for a young and upcoming manager with modern methods who’s doing a decent job elsewhere? Lee Johnson type perhaps? Oh, we’ve already done that and it didn’t work. Or was he the wrong one as well? Should we take a punt on someone unproven? Like an ex player? Oh, Dean Holden. That didn’t work. Or was he the wrong one as well? There’s nobody out there realistically who could come in and do a better job. I genuinely think it has to get worse before it gets better, a period of unrest whilst the deadwood goes and we almost start a fresh, and for me r Nige is the man.
  11. Do to him what Swansea did to Chrissy Martin last night, 2 on him at all times, don’t give him an inch. And don’t give away free kicks in stupid areas, he’s an easy threat to snuff out. Easier said than done, of course… Without his goals they’d be (currently) on 4 points with the same GD as us.
  12. Edwards on at HT for a second half hatrick
  13. I get the feeling this season is going to be bizarre from start to finish - freak results, a manager merry go round, relegation and promotion being decided on the final day, and generally bad quality football from a lot of teams!
  14. Lovely first goal and just smashed the post from 20+ yards as well!
  15. Beautiful cut back by the young’un, brilliantly taken goal.
  16. Slow replay shows it was actually off his bonce… I was sure it was handball as well
  17. Main striker with a goal Secondary striker with a goal Winger with an assist on his debut …good start!!
  18. Kalas with his first long throw.. Vyner must have tried about 40 with no reward!!!
  19. Atkinson should be winning that first ball, someone should be tracking that runner. Schoolboy stuff, and not for the first time.
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