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  1. Swindle? Could be a good fit (pardon the weight pun).
  2. what a finish that is, just takes it in his stride, no back lift and boom.
  3. There's only one Jamie Cureton, packet of sweets and a cute little smile Curetons a ******* paedophile! PAEDO, PAEDO, PAEDO! You're going home in a Bristol Ambulance! In the park, in the park, You're gonna get you're ******* head kicked in in the park. C C CSF When I was young I had no sense I bought a flute for 50 pence. The only tune that I could pay was **** the pope and IRA.
  4. I remember that, I had boiling hot coffee thrown in my face, nice!
  5. Has this picture been lifted from a phone box on City Road, that geezer in the picture is clearly one of the local crack heads that hang out in that area?
  6. great goal, HNM run was superb as was the rest of the goal.
  7. Or get their leg broken in "training", stranger things have happened.
  8. They just piss themselves during the winter months, it keeps them warm, plus its close enough to the annual Christmas shower to not be count as a huge hygiene problem (for them at least).
  9. 100% agree, I don't think Pack is or ever has been anywhere near the quality of James.
  10. How many tickets have we sold?
  11. Do you realize how big a goalkeepers box is, its bloody enormous, its impossible to command as much as I'm sure most keepers would like, however I think the issue is more about him organizing his defenders and sorting crosses and set pieces.
  12. I just don't think SL can successfully run 2 major sports clubs. If there were no Bears then we'd be looking forward to the football season a he'll of a lot more. As the situation stands we will always struggle with them as his numero uno focus, I know that it's all been said before but I can't look past the Bears, they are the easiest way to the fame I believe SL seems to crave.
  13. Bakinson starts every time for me, if fit of course.
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