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  1. Bakinson starts every time for me, if fit of course.
  2. Im 45 and I wear Edwin or Norse Projects for nice tough wearing selvedge denim.
  3. Yes but hardly proportionately represented, I think they've gone a bit too far but I do like what they've done still.
  4. Have mine there as well. Very popular in Leeds it is as well.
  5. I like a few others on here have some advanced knowledge and thus qualifications on this subject matter. It's very possible to add muscle to the human body in a short period of time, I believe the time period quoted for these lads is 8-12 weeks. The key is the correct nutrition in fact we can attribute between 70/80% of our muscular gains/fat losses to our knowledge of nutrition, hence the term "making your muscles in the kitchen", it's only the genetically gifted that can eat and train what/when they want and look like an adonis. For the rest of us it down to plain hard work and science!!!! If we are trying to add muscle to the body we can also work the wanted muscle groups in a certain rep range, one that is geared for hypertrophy, we also lift those reps to a percentage of our one rep max, something I believe one poster above was talking about. Hopefully these guys will not only look better, but perform better. If I were them I'd feel a lot safer than I did last season. Having an excellent sporting/medical team; is in my opinionn worth a few points on the board already. Last season really was a shambles.
  6. I had a chance to chin that lovely chap that night to......oh for that opportunity once more!?!?!
  7. Surely mods it's time to bring back the aubergine emoji!
  8. Scouser s without tickets trying to rush the gates, do they ever learn, seemingly not!
  9. I think the police will have their work cut out whatever the outcome. How many Italian restaurants will have their windows put through, I can imagine the scenes, beware Mario.
  10. Good call mate, he has a good squad to pick from, his experience may be the key to success.
  11. I don't think I can watch it, I feel a little sick thinking about the game. It's too hard to pick a winner, chances will be at a premium, unless of course we go at it like we did against the Ukraine, granted they were not at their best, still.
  12. 100% Bakinson, has it all in his locker. It's not so much light a fire underneath him, not at all. It's aerobic capacity, he lacks real athletic fitness. I know they are working hard on this pre season, if he can get this up to speed then what a player he will be. Lots of experience in the likes of King, he will only benefit from him. I'm also excited about watching Wells, if he gets to play as a striker not wide left or right or whatever nonsense position he's been asked to play but striker, I think he will get 20+, his finishing is top drawer, if he gets the correct service he will bang them in. If he's played out of position then we may as well get rid now! I also think 1 of the young lads will make a breakthrough, possibly Scott off the bench. Who knows, I'm excited about the season starting though, I think we may surprise a few pundits. Play offs are my bet.
  13. I slept for 21 hours yesterday, just the thought of that prat LJ made me nod off. I still cant believe the LJ & DH hiring, simply awful mistakes, ones that are affecting us still and probably for a while longer.
  14. I'd be surprised if Nige went to SL wanting a particular striker, one that had been on his wanted list from the start, that maybe cost a fee, that SL wouldn't back him; despite what's been said. I think it's more about not being frivolous and maybe getting a couple off the wage bill, a few out on loan and yeah if possible selling the correct player/s. I believe SL will back NP, maybe not in the way he let that little idiot waste money hand over fist.
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