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  1. It seems to me he is going to change a lot for next season and that will start very soon, so players expecting a summer holiday are not going to get one. Change in training, fitness, mental capacity to deal with situations, new players, new medical/fitness staff, new philosophy. I am sure he has a bunch of players from old that will want to come and work for/play for him.
  2. I think this validates my point ""I think what's unfortunate for him is he adores and loves football, just pure football. It's all the circus around football that gets to him, that he doesn't like. All the media talk that as a manager, you have to do, like your press conference, you have to sit there and listen to all these questions. I think he just wants to be a coach, I think he just wants to be out there on the pitch doing that, what he loves." This is from the Kasper Schmeichel interview posted on these boards. It would just be better as a viewer if he looked at his interviewer. It is hard to watch, even if what he say's is good and appropriate.
  3. For an experienced manager who has been in front of the camera probably thousands of times, why can he not look at the interviewer or down the lens so that he is addressing us!? All you ever see is the side of his head. For someone so critical of the players, likely justified, he would be a lot more believable if he didn't hide away when saying it by looking down and sideways. If NP reads these threads, please look down the barrel of the camera. It's not that hard and you will come across with far more authority and candour.
  4. The problem with players is they can play the role of the tail wagging the dog, but if some of them lose their employment at BCFC then they lose all of the benefits too (Good salaries, nice ground at Ashton Gate, top grade training facilities and a nice place to live). What do they move to next? probably something less salubrious. Then what, they get mentally pi**ed off and become mercenary and start to ruin their short careers. If they are stupid enough to act in this way, any player at any club, then they deserve to have their contracts cancelled or on expiry, be released by their clubs. It is long due that an owner supported a Manager and made the players pay for their actions, where it is understood that this is what they are doing.
  5. I feel it will make people withdraw from the city area. It becomes hassle and expensive and people will vote with their pockets. Too expensive to park in town too. Easier to go to Clifton village, Whiteladies road, Gloucester road. They said at the beginning of the pandemic that families in flats, 20 floors up were so cooped up as they had no outside balcony/space, yet BCC is allowing new developments which doesn't support every flat having a balcony.....................crazy! In some ways, Bristol will get more packed and the things that became appealing about Bristol will disappear and make Bristol less attractive as a place to live because people will get priced out. Bristol is just starting its long-term journey to become mini London. Absurd with more people now able to work from home. I'm sure that future council leaders will deplore the over development in Bristol and the ruin of the city.
  6. I have been in direct contact with BCC (CAZ) as I am thinking about changing my car. The charge for the CAZ is 24/7 and is £9 per day. It will not apply to euro 4/5/6 petrol cars and euro 6 diesel cars, IF IT GETS GOVT APPROVAL. It has been submitted so we now wait to see. I have a euro 5b diesel and pay £20 per year for a low C02 vehicle (N02 measure not available) and that grates with me. Public transport infrastructure is poor in Bristol and where will BCC get the money to upgrade everything and how long will that take to implement? The cost to upgrade the car (which is already a decent car) is very expensive for anyone. Add to this that the pandemic has shown the safest place to be at the moment is in your own vehicle rather than a bus or similar, then it really becomes a joke. People = transmission and the public authorities are already telling us there will be another pandemic. CAZ = another tax to live here in Bristol. And for sure BCFC will be impacted.
  7. For someone who has dealt with the press and cameras for so long, I just wish he'd keep his head still, stop looking down and elsewhere and look at the camera and therefore his audience.
  8. I still reckon Neil Warnock would come running to City if Lansdown asked him. Is he brave enough to drop his pride and offer him the job? Would Warnock get us up? I'll bet he would love to come here, give it everything and show every City supporter that he should have been made manager here years ago and after Gary Johnson departed. He would absolutely been a man on a mission if at BCFC. The playing side is in such disarray, I'd offer him the job immediately at the end of the season, give him what he asks for and see where it takes us. Odds are it will be our best ever finish in the Championship. Look to the future thereafter. Look to results now.
  9. Just looking at the game stats. City 1 shot Barnsley 13 They do like like a team in freefall now
  10. City should have appointed Neil Warnock post Gary Johnson. Had we done so, I'm confident City would have reached the Premier League by now. Fans have to decide if they want the Premier League at any cost or whether it is conditional. As soon as it becomes conditional you compromise and people complain. People are always highly emotional and critical of managers and players, but I am certain they don't have the same very high expectations in their own work place and level the same criticism at their own personal performance.
  11. The players should look at themselves. Once on the pitch, it's down to them. Slagging off DH is not the answer. 11 players, one manager.
  12. Trundle was a brilliant talent and in my opinion you don't change that talent to fit, you change the team to fit the talent. City should have built their team around Trundle. No point spending £1 million on Trundle to stick him on the left wing and come back and defend. That's not where his talents were and he didn't play that way at Swansea. As he said last night, Sproule and Mcindoe were told to go down the wings and cross whereas at Swansea he had the ball played into his feet which is where the magic started. How could Steve Lansdown have been happy with his money being played that way?! There absolutely should be space for flair players such as Trundle, they don't come along very often and they change games for the better, as well as excite the crowd. GJ, although he did great at City, let Trundle, the supporters and ultimately the team down by not focusing on Trundle's strengths and the reasons why he bought him. As for his age, Vardy came to the game late and is doing great in his thirties. He is allowed, is he not, to roam around. Leicester play to his strengths and don't try to change him. And in the end, Vardy keeps scoring because he is a natural goal scorer. GJ should have done the same with Trundle. Management is not about getting everybody to do what you want them to do. It's about moulding what you have, recognising the talent and playing to it. Had City done that with Trundle, I believe he would have scored plenty of goals in the Championship, the same as he did for Swansea.
  13. Agree with others. He came across exceptionally well and kept his analysis of how his team will play, really simple, uncomplicated and strayed away from DNA, identity and more. Refreshing, so good luck to him.
  14. I think if SL is looking to build on what LJ has done and bearing in mind LJ is a friend, then for me, I think Phil Neville will be a strong candidate to match what SL wants to continue
  15. 3 years left on a new contract is going to see him fine, financially. As for being distraught at his sacking, I imagine he could be. He clearly loved being at Bristol City, so to not have the choice to stay is likely very difficult. Who on here or anywhere wants to leave a place that they are happy in? No one. He'll get a job this summer and I reckon it will be a top Championship club or lower Premiership club. However, maybe he'd have preferred to stay at CIty.
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