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  1. I'd rather we just used Morrell or Walsh.
  2. Looks like a 12 point deduction likely which will see them plummet to bottom of the table (4 points from safety)
  3. Worth noting that claiming the money back through chargeback or s75 could result in a ban from the club. Whether they would want to do that is another matter.
  4. Out of interest, why would he come to us rather than stay at Preston? I think most would see that as a sideways step..
  5. Second in the form table yet doesn't have a clue.. christ we'd be promoted by now if he did have a clue! https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/formtabelle/wettbewerb/GB2 To add on friday night - the subs were getting ready to come on from the 55th minute - is that really so atrocious compared to the 46th minute?
  6. So you would still be unhappy if Afobe hadn't got his injury? The striker we signed was ideal.. it's just unfortunate what's had happened.
  7. I'm not sure on Hull's conditions. In reality though, they can ask anyone they want to leave.. it is their property after all.
  8. They can make it a condition of being allowed on the private property.. if the fan doesn't comply, he can be asked to leave.
  9. This thread is ridiculous.. 1. Leeds are not guaranteed promotion just because they have Bielsa. He was there last year and failed to get them up. 2. Keeping the best players is not just an issue for LJ. Leeds have lost Jansson and Roofe, also Phillips is on the way out. This is just life as a championship club without parachute payments. 3. Yes LJ wants more players, but we haven't replaced Pisano, Webster, Eisa yet (granted Eisa didn't work out anyway). I'm sure the ridiculous over reaction would be the same from most fanbases, but it really is pathetic.
  10. There probably will, but I imagine the counter to that will be plenty of very good BAME coaches/managers coming to the forefront as there is a clear pathway in an industry that has an under proportion. The point of this rule is not to force clubs into hiring BAME staff but to make it the norm and show other potential coaches and managers that it is an option.
  11. Surprised to see that David Coles is apparently leaving the club in a backroom shuffle. Always though he was highly respected as a GK coach.
  12. Yes he was given a chance. He was in training with the squad for the entire season but seemingly didn't have the quality needed.
  13. How does that £77m compare to most clubs in the Championship?
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