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  1. I'm not sure Lee Hendrie of all people would be the person to take betting advice from anyway.
  2. Much happier being peoples tips to go down than being "dark horses" for promotion. It's always the dark horses that struggle to live up to expectations.
  3. No, but next year's price freeze or "only a tenner more" will be based on the June price, so it will be more next year.
  4. I reckon they could still push it in the hope of a points deduction next season instead.
  5. Couldn't see it posted elsewhere. https://twitter.com/ActuFootAfrique/status/1528346610324983809?t=_o0z_1gN6lpYVW3fridItA&s=19
  6. I think the policing minister would do well to look closer to home if he wants to start the crackdown on cocaine use!
  7. I'll give a genuine answer, but I really think it's fairly obvious. A person attracted to minors is a person attracted to a vulnerable member of society.. whilst it would be brave to announce you were, it would not be something to celebrate. Someone gay is someone attracted to a member of the opposite sex rather than a vulnerable segment. Really shouldn't need explaining.
  8. It is "Minor-attracted person" apparently
  9. If a player has an issue with being in the dressing room with a gay team mate, they should remove themselves from the situation to resolve their insecurities. It is not for the player who is gay to change their own behaviour. A man in the women's changing rooms is not the same comparison. A gay female player in the dressing room with hetero female team mates is a fair comparison, and is absolutely commonplace in the women's sport.
  10. For a 22 year old from Birmingham, I'd certainly think Watford are bigger.
  11. In typical City fan mode, I remain convinced he will sign for a bigger team than us. I can see Edwards taking him to Watford.
  12. It's a compelling argument for salary caps to make a level playing field, however I doubt they would ever happen as it will require those that receive the parachute payments to agree to the proposal.
  13. I know that they need to balance the books, but some crude maths, based on an average increase of £10 for 10k tickets (kids prices frozen), then it's only an additional £100k of revenue. So you'd only need 250 fans (at an average ticket price of £400) to decide not to renew to actually be worse off than price freezing. Then there's the lost match day revenue. Very crude maths I know, but it will be marginal the benefit to the financials from doing it.
  14. EFL announced £5m allowances, however several clubs are pushing for that to be increased.
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