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  1. I didn't realise Adelakun had signed for Lincoln tbf but I think it is more of a buyers market atm. Not sure there are many average Championship players around with numerous offers to consider and able to choose the right one.
  2. All fit and a significant number of them still looking for a contract................
  3. Surely they have had enough time to reconsider and amend that awful statement so presumably they stand by it?
  4. To be honest it does sound like, based on what I've read, that three 21 year old girls went out for an evening and got a far better evening than they envisaged with Rooney and his mates inviting them into a VIP area at a nightclub and then going back to the hotel room. Everyone seems to be saying the same story that "nothing happened" and the photographs do appear to back that up tbf. However, forget his profile for a second what is a married man, Rooney's age, with kids thinking? If Colleen drop kicks him down the street and takes him for everything he really only has himself to blame.
  5. Something Jamie Carragher often says, although he is referring to defending rather than club statements, is if you make one mistake don't follow it up with another. All they have to do is retract the statement, make a grovelling apology explaining that they simply got it wrong and move on to an extent. How the hell can such guff still be on the website over 12 hours later? Rovers the "family" club, Everton the "peoples" club.................where do these people get this bollocks from? No, you're just a FOOTBALL club same as everyone else.
  6. All about opinions. My lad played with him when he was on loan and said he was quick, skilful but no composure whatsoever and nowhere near a Championship player (at that time).
  7. Yet here we are, 12 hours and literally thousands of comments on social media later telling them how appalling their Statement is, AND IT STILL REMAINS ON THE WEBSITE!!
  8. The Few are only a couple of centuries out of date with that statement. Tin Pot doesn’t start to describe them.
  9. 100% innocent this time is our Wayne. For a start the lady in the picture is about 30 years younger than his type...................... The look into the camera just screams out "why am I so ******* stupid?".......................
  10. Looking at many of the properties in that area you may well be right.
  11. Would put Wael in an awkward position if they did..............
  12. They are selling their house in Kew for £8.5m I believe, mind you the source is a Fewer so based on past experience there is a chance that could be 100% made up off the top of his head, but it would make sense that they are visiting friends in the area if they have lived there and could easily have been staying at their house for the night. It clearly helps that the kids weren't there to see the mayhem of either Mum or Dad or even both making complete fools of themselves obviously but you would be expecting Social Services to start taking an interest after this. My Wife who worked with perpetrators of DV for twenty odd years seems to think there might well be a flag put on that family by Social Services now (Agencies seem to communicate with each other far more effectively than they ever used to following some high profile child deaths like Baby P) on the basis that children are involved (not in the incident obviously).
  13. It's amazing how people forget about the most important people in all this..........it's the job of Social Services not to!!
  14. You would think that Social Services would be making a visit to the Barton's to find out where the "children" were during this incident and, given that Mr Barton is either going to be found to be a wife beater or Mrs Barton a liar who phones the Police with greatly exaggerated accounts causing her husband to defend himself in court, whether there potentially is any degree of future harm that could affect them. This sort of stuff gets children living on Council Estates or in Suburbs put on "At Risk Registers" so living in Kew shouldn't make any difference?
  15. All I will say is if my missus phoned the Police during a party and told them I kicked her in the head and that was a completely fabricated story because she just wanted to get at me for some reason or simply because she was pissed out of her mind then she wouldn't be my missus for very long........and I certainly would not be living with her by the time my first Court appearance came along. The poster yesterday who gave us the plausible story outlining how it could all have been a crazy mistake (I'm completely guessing he is a Solicitor who has experience of these scenario's) would probably have been better off ignoring the thread.............. @PHILINFRANCEthe Police and CPS are of the opinion (that's all it is right now but presumably they believe they have the evidence to nail Barton) that JB KICKED HIS WIFE IN THE HEAD.......where I come from that's called wife beating, I know you were questioning my semantics yesterday but that's what it is to any sane person.
  16. Personally I’d be a bit disappointed if someone got convicted for beating a woman and then profited financially. I would prefer a massive fine to the media outlets printing incorrect facts rather than £2m in a thugs bank account. Might be just me?
  17. He might get bail but could be conditions so it it was his Wife he allegedly hit he’ll almost certainly have to stay somewhere other than the family home.
  18. So if it’s his missus it’s serious, any other woman is a bit of a misunderstanding and not too serious?
  19. That can only be applied if he gets convicted.
  20. That seems to be the definition of support these days.
  21. In the same manner that if Danny Simpson laid a hand on his wife again and got convicted at court whilst employed by us he would also get sacked. Seems to be hard for a few to get their head round for some reason.
  22. Getting rid of a present club employee convicted of an offence carried out whilst in the employment of the club would not be the same as hiring one who was convicted 5-6 years ago and with no apparent repeat of those offences since is it? If you don’t believe in second chances that’s fine but to put a narrative out there that they will do the right thing and we haven’t is bizarre quite honestly.
  23. Amazing. The CPS have to apply a threshold test in order to get any case to court (doesn’t guarantee guilt clearly) but “Sister Fiddler Gas” clearly knows it’s a stitch up………..even though he clearly doesn’t realise the CPS not the Police make the decision on charging. #Gaslogic at its finest.
  24. The only thing he forgot to mention is the CPS doesn’t try and prosecute a flick behind the ear…. Barton is clearly innocent until proven guilty, the only thing I would say is if the victim isn’t cooperating with the Police then the CPS must feel they have very strong evidence to prosecute. Either that or some dick in the CPS wants a “name” on their CV!!
  25. Might not be able to live with his wife and kids though given the offence.
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