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  1. 2 minutes ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

    How does Alex compare with players in the past few years in terms of age group appearances/minutes played etc.? Compared to someone like Phil Foden say?

    Scott is a fantastic player for his age but he's not Phil Foden. I would imagine he's played more minutes at this age group if I had to guess simply because Foden never needed to hang around the England Under 19's. He was too good for that.

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  2. I mean, imagine being a young kid, finding an employer who will pay you £2-3K per week and not being able to rouse yourself out of bed in the morning................he doesn't deserve a run out at Nailsea United if that's the case.

  3. 4 hours ago, And Its Smith said:

    There are fans who use football as an avenue to moan and be negative.  Think it’s getting worse as well.  

    I don’t agree with everything you say but on that I could not agree more tbh.

  4. Put another way we had Palmer (£20k), Smodicz (say £6k) and Pato (say £8k) fighting for one place in the side. I challenge anyone on here to justify that amount of outlay per week on one place at a medium sized Championship club.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Sheltons Army said:


    In theory as CEO Swiss Toni should have been asking all the questions to LJ as to why he wanted player X or Y


    He clearly failed to do so , and was far more complicit in the whole escapade , to whatever degree depending on your belief

    In this instance , where was the hobby chairman , who should have been asking MA the plan , thoughts and strategy behind signings

    He , or his Father shouldn’t be dictating who we sign , but they had the absolute right to , and absolutely should have been asking the suitable questions

    Lets be honest here , all Four failed to professionally conduct their roles in terms of recruitment at times , all for probably different reasons ranging from ego , incompetence , and others too


    Put it this way, if I was handing the club £15m a season those are questions I feel I would be entitled to ask of my employees. We aren’t talking about interfering in the “day to day” here. Swiss was sanctioning a transfer costing around £7m with wages added for a player we didn’t need. How the hell do Bristol City end up with three well paid players fighting for one position. No wonder Nige thinks we were a basket case. Not only has it failed spectacularly on the football side of things but it’s left us with an almighty FFFP hole to fill.

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  6. On 11/06/2022 at 10:54, Sheltons Army said:

    A ‘panic’ buy ?

    In what respect ?

    In a summer window when we’d already signed half the football league, including SS , and still had Jamie P here

    How was that a ‘panic buy’


    Indulgent and vanity signing , with Junior believing he could create the next Messi and Ashton salivating at what he could personally gain from such a rise in value from the player 

    That’s where you need an owner who has the football knowledge to say “hold ******* fire a minute, why are you asking me for £4m and £20k per week out of my sky rocket to pay for a player when we already have two covering that position? How does **** off and go and strengthen another position sound?”.

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  7. Just now, Sheltons Army said:

    Hmmmm , in terms of World Cup auditions , not too many made a statement to enhance their chances of inclusion 

    Ramsdale Maybe the only one


    Tomori was decent. Otherwise it had a distinctly second string feel about it……including Grealish who is starting to have that unfortunate look of being an impact player and not a starter.

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  8. Grealish and Trippier look like League 1 players chucked into an international side. Trippier to be fair shouldn’t be at left back, Grealish unfortunately is proving Southgate right. Our left hand side is ruining the team as a whole.

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  9. 39 minutes ago, Cowshed said:

    Mr Southgate doesn't rate him tactically. 

    There is no guessing. Mr Southgate has stated openly what the doubt is. Tactically the player in Grealish has to improve. 

    Last night Grealish broke lines, had more touches in the opposition box than any team mate and had a very high level of ball retention. This has been a feature of his performances. Saka meanwhile does a lot less of the above but does run backwards a lot and get in shape.

    If I were Grealish I would question if the coach wants the Jack Grealish at all.

    In a team of 3 CBs, 2 FB's/WB's, 2 CDM's there is scope to have Grealish playing tactically as a freer eight, or free ten as his skills dictate. The point there is England are low on chance creation v possession. Tactically that costs the team in its biggest moments. Scoring one goal and attempting to concede nil has failed the team. 

    Have to agree. With Grealish out there we were able to retain possession and dominated the last 15 minutes. We could easily have won that in the end. Bowen being direct (direct is good if done the right way) also helped us out.

  10. 19 hours ago, Northern Red said:

    I thought Bellingham did alright given that he spent a fair bit of time having to fill in at RB due to Walker getting caught upfield.

    Which tells me he’s an 18 year old kid with a football brain. Once the inconsistency disappears he will take off.

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  11. Just now, Kid in the Riot said:

    Never offside, quite clearly came off a German player. 

    I was thinking, for the amount England fans moan, when was the last time we actually lost against Germany over there? Our record has been excellent since 2001.

    I've seen us win in Berlin twice, for starters. 

    We out-Germaned the Germans tonight. Not at our best but stayed in the game, picked up a result and home we go.

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  12. We don’t half need Foden in our side, that’s what I learned from tonight. Grealish and Bowen made a huge difference. Saka is an athlete but where’s the quality? Mount was a passenger. Bellingham plays like an 18 year old, world beater to panel beater to world beater etc. but give him three years and we have a right player there. Ridiculous for his age really.

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  13. 37 minutes ago, Jerseybean said:

    Over 13,000 sold, so far, how does that compare with recent seasons? 

    The interesting bit is that judging by the mood on here I was expecting around 11.5k, especially when the anecdotal evidence is “me and my 14 mates who all sit together aren’t renewing”. Shows that this place is a bit more negative than the wider fan base as a whole and that many comments are hot air made for effect in the light of a bad performance or result.

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  14. 19 minutes ago, Jerseybean said:

    Over 13,000 sold, so far, how does that compare with recent seasons? 

    It’s brilliant that, when adjusted for the 5k on here who swore blind they weren’t renewing, we’ve got so many new fans!!!

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  15. 3 hours ago, Atticus said:

    Clowns? Hilarious.

    It was a shocking result and performance. No other way to spin it.

    The lineup was terrible. It was set up to draw. Against Hungary.

    The performance was dreadful. and was well deserved given the way we setup and the lineup we had.

    Its worrying. To say the least.

    You worry far too much. I couldn’t give a fuck personally as last night has no bearing on the World Cup whatsoever. How some can overlook the fact that many of those lads have played nigh on SEVENTY games in the last 12 months, lots of them as high pressure as you can get, and should have been resting up nowhere near that stadium last night is staggering. Southgate badly messed up team selection last night that’s all there is to it.

    Northern Red was 100% right, a very tiny minority of miserable clowns totally over reacting to one poor performance and result.

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  16. 40 minutes ago, 1960maaan said:

    I won't defend the ticket prices, but it has nothing to do with entertainment. 

    So you say "it’s only brilliant because only three or four players out of 22 can bat." so you think it's brilliant but still want to criticise ?

    The bowling in those conditions was excellent, batting must have been a nightmare. 100% entertainment, which is all you can ask for. Or would you prefer 700-1 Dec ?

    This is a football forum and can't be that arsed to argue about cricket but entertainment, quality of the fare/players on show and ticket prices are directly linked, particularly when the prices are nothing other than stupid. Cricket is going the right way, certainly in the Test format anyway, in making itself a truly elitist spectator sport at those prices. The players certainly aren't that interested in Test cricket it seems, many games barely last three and a bit days nowadays.

  17. 40 minutes ago, Ska Junkie said:

    Spot on. we know what most of them are capable of so why not, in hindsight, which is easy after the event, play those pushing for a place in the WC squad?

    It's human nature to be fair. Take Pickford as one example. Played in the Euro's every game, plus most internationals since and a whole season for Everton where for the last six weeks every single game he has been involved in (bar the last one) has been absolutely massive and carrying huge pressure not to make mistakes that have dire consequences. That requires top level concentration and nobody can tell me, regardless of your bank balance, that doesn't take it out of you mentally. It only has to affect you by 5% and if you replicate that over 7 or 8 players in a team then that team has a lot of sharpness missing, just like England did earlier. Whilst Pickford was obviously not to blame tonight what possible disadvantage would there have been in playing Ramsdale who would clearly want and need the game time? I'm not sure what Southgate was thinking with that team selection...........and tbf it wasn't hindsight either.

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  18. Just now, Ska Junkie said:

    Let's be honest, it was terrible.

    I don't think many England players wanted to be there at all.

    2nd favourites for the World cup? Yeah right!

    Your middle sentence nails it. The point being the Manager could have showed some balls and picked a team of players that wouldn’t have seen this game as their 70th most important in the last 12 months and been happy to play.

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  19. 1 minute ago, 1960maaan said:

    Match Report.

    Same boring shit, but this time we lost.

    Someone else will be more in depth no doubt, but this is the gist of it.

    In other News, Test match Cricket is Brilliant.

    It should be at £150 per ticket…….and it’s only brilliant because only three or four players out of 22 can bat.

  20. 1 minute ago, harrys said:

    He really is a tactically inept

    Not sure he’s inept but certainly way too cautious. Tonight should have been a team of his freshest and second string players and leave the rest for Munich. Instead it was a mish mash team, neither one or the other and we played like it.

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