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  1. It’s now on Virgin after a blank start-503 red button
  2. Well done China! It is indeed. Front row next to the teacher. Our school football team did very well!
  3. Just going through some of my old school photos, and came across this! I’m the handsome one in the back row ( I’ll let you work out which one I am!). Merrywood 1967-68. More interesting than me is one of my classmates - see if you can spot him!!!
  4. The ISS is closer than the Isle of Skye, New York and Timbuktu as well!
  5. Estrella is your urine - just about an hour later!
  6. Not entirely true, it moved about half a pitch north!
  7. Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever, about that.
  8. But City are/is not at home on Saturday, the season is over!
  9. Does that include Benny?
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