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  1. But City are/is not at home on Saturday, the season is over!
  2. Does that include Benny?
  3. I still remember the pre match Brown Splits and Lights Splits in the Happy Landings!
  4. Stop moaning about having nothing to moan about!
  5. Local derby - Plymouth?? That means QPR and Birmingham City must be local as well!
  6. Just to announce ———— that an anagram of Nigel Pearson is No Large Penis.
  7. Look on the bright side- 100% of our shots are on target
  8. Don’t be coming on here with your criticism of a balanced and well-reasoned argument. This is neither the time nor the place. Oops, I’ve just criticised your criticism of a balanced and well-reasoned argument. Sorry, it’s not the time or place.
  9. - forget about that and just remember THAT sublime chipped cross - IN BY TAYLOR!!!
  10. If you were at the ground watching live you’d not get replays, so what’s the difference?
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