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    Search for BBC Sounds then when on the home page search for Sounds of the City. You may have to register.
  2. Not really a story about us, but one that I found funny at the time. Years ago, circa 1998 I booked a City coach for our trip to Wycombe Wanderers, on the day there were about six coaches, being an assortment of Peter Carol and Blue Iris. Just before we pulled into the services we caught one Blue Iris coach up that had the players and fans of Weston Super Mare on board and was decked out with flags accordingly, it pulled in to the services with us. As the fans from all seven coaches piled off at the same time I heard someone say "Bloody hell Weston travel in huge numbers".
  3. See the Help Section Tom (admin) is in hospital at the moment so has got it up and running as best he can just using an I Pad. .
  4. This will cheer you up https://www.captiongenerator.com/338652/Laughing-at-Matt-Taylor-transfer
  5. Me too, my three positives were: 1. We are not gone into administration yet 2. The fans are loyal and true 3. Da famous quarters
  6. Maybe add Buff Streams to that https://buffstreams.tv/watch-bristol-city-stream-1
  7. Maybe we will see a loan from Chelsea next week, with no loan fee and Chelsea still paying the wages. This will ensure we still have money for a striker.
  8. Do you think this is anything to do with David Coles leaving? Harry mentioned this on the DC thread " So, I am aware that our chief scout and our goalkeeping coach had some differences of opinion on whom they wanted at the club. Scout likes a particular keeper, but coach (who’d have to work with him) doesn’t. If we sign this player then I’ll suspect the departure is more aligned to a differing of opinions than a coach simply moving on "
  9. Possible job for Frankie?
  10. Maybe the quality of player we are after currently earns more money and can afford a longer holiday.
  11. Norwich also has a very high percentage of season ticket holders, making it very difficult to purchase last minute, occasional tickets especially if you need groups of tickets such as three or four for a family. It is only when the away team don't bring many fans that families have a chance of tickets. I believe they also have a waiting list for season tickets making it difficult for youngsters to get a season ticket next to mum or dad.
  12. I am here too, based at Martham on the Broads.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39228950 March 2017 Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings is "extremely disappointed" and "upset" by the five-game ban for an alleged stamp on Zlatan Ibrahimovic's head. A Football Association panel ruled Mings deliberately landed with his studs on the head of the Manchester United striker in Saturday's 1-1 draw. "Conduct like that is not part of my game - it would never cross my mind," said 23-year-old Mings.
  14. Maybe we will see more of him after the tribunal has been settled. As he has not established himself in the first team he will probably cost less than if he had made 25 appearances this season.
  15. ‘EVOLUTION not revolution’ are the words billionaire Steve Lansdown prefers to use as he looks ahead to new, exciting times as owner of La Grande Mare Hotel.
  16. Open letter/ petition on Change.Org https://www.change.org/p/wael-al-qadi-open-letter-to-the-board-of-bristol-rovers-football-club?recruiter=66015793&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive We the fans of Bristol Rovers Football club are writing this letter to you; the board to try and mend our broken relationship. It is now nearly 12 months since we were told that the club was about to submit a planning application for our training ground to South Gloucestershire council and it is not acceptable that the fans only d
  17. The manager was quoted in the local paper (EDP) as saying that the fans have now come round to his players passing it about at the back / midfield and retaining the ball. Last season the results were not so good and the pressure was on the players to get it forward asap. They appear to have the confidence in their ability to score at will so there is no rush to lump it up top.
  18. I watched Norwich on Saturday, they played neat and tidy possession football, flooding the midfield. They took their time and passed it around at the back until eventually moving it forward usually down the left with their left back getting into good overlap positions. Despite all the action being on the left there was always a player stood out on the right touchline, I had just remarked to my partner "Norwich were playing with 10 men as the one out wide had not received a single pass when they sudden switched play over to the right just as the Bolton players had got sucked in and unmarked he
  19. https://www.captiongenerator.com/338652/Laughing-at-Matt-Taylor-transfer
  20. Just clicked on this and got a warning from my anti virus software.
  21. Baker and one from the u23s sorry don't know his name.
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