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  1. Some bad referee decisions, poor defending refereeing aside,midfield is now getting run all over the place. Fulham are a very good side for this division. Semenyo has been impressive on a positive note.
  2. I hope he does also....very deserved.
  3. Merry Xmas from Australia to all of you. A better finish to the season would be a great gift.
  4. Id say there is no rematch clause as it was a mandatory. Major stuff up by the Lopez camp.
  5. That is how is had it in the end also. The instructions from the Lopez corner I found all over the place and contradictory. His dad is a knob. After the first round after being dropped saying get him out of here already. His sentence before it was take ya time hahahahaha
  6. Sour grapes and bad sport by Lopez after the fight.
  7. I watch us play at either midnight, 1am or 4.45am here in Australia. Have only missed 2 games in the last 3 seasons and that was due to hospital visits. I lose a lot of sleep and am often worn out just from watching the club i love and this is my choice. Lately it has been so depressing to watch and you wonder is all of the lack of sleep worth it when you see such lack of effort, schoolboy mistakes and a general lack of desire in this team. It really is getting worse and we are heading toward dire times very quickly. The majority of this team aren't playing for the manager, club or the supporters.
  8. Bloody useless. Cant hold a lead and csnt hold on for a draw, not even in half a game against 10 men. This team are far from playing for the manager or the club. Absolute disgrace and so bloody amateurish We have a relegation battle on our hands this season make no mistake about it.
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