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  1. A mate of mine who is a Coventry fan says Palmer took a 50% pay cut to sign. Dont know how true this is? It does fit more to there pay structure if he did.
  2. I agree he has potential to improve a hell of a lot yet. Not convinced on Hunter as a fit for him either.
  3. Usyk would definitely be that step too far for Canelo in my eyes. Canelo is something very special and the fact i am saying usyk will be a step too far shows just how much Canelo has achieved and how good he really is considering the weight he started off at. Canelo is an absolute class act to say the least.
  4. I've got a Brazil shirt signed by Pele and the 5 R's ..I'd gladly accept just 100000 for it hahahahaha
  5. Not much chance of getting one of those and if we did i wouldn't feel confident with him stepping up for it.
  6. A consolation is a late goal but there isn't much chance of you drawing because of time remaining
  7. How can our commentator call it a consolation goal with 30 mins to go?? Talk about tempting fate.
  8. Yep not working in Australia
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