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  1. And my point is that you can’t say Everton are pointless and forever in Liverpool’s shadow (everyone except Man Utd fall into this don’t they?) with zero chance of top six (They’ve played champs league and europa league previously and if Wolves Or Burnley can get there anyone can) when actually they have a pretty good history (better than most clubs including Man City and Chelsea I would think), and although have been fallow in prem era (as have Liverpool compared to their own very high standards) there are clear signs of change with a new stadium and a recognised quality manager
  2. Good maths! Remind me how long ago Liverpool won the league before this season?
  3. I’m not sure that’s strictly true, they have won the league 9 times, last 86/87 which was only a couple of years longer ago than Liverpool last won the league until this season. They have a great new stadium on the horizon, successful new manager in Ancellotti. Yes in the Prem era it’s not done much but arguably nor have Liverpool compared to the 80’s.
  4. I don’t think I can ever remember so much anger about the new manager! I though LJ was unpopular! DH will certainly have his work cut out to get fans onside, as the pressure from fans once the inevitable bad run starts will be crazy!
  5. Spot on, if DH was a possible replacement to LJ in the Clubs eyes then surely they should have interviewed him ASAP after LJ went and got him in ASAP to help with continuity, building for next season etc. To take 5/6 weeks to appoint somebody you already had at the club is ridiculous, and I can see why fans have lost it. I don’t think anyone has anything against DH personally and if appointed straight away with reasons of cost cutting or Covid or whatever then at least you could understand it, but SL can’t now say he wants Prem football, interview the likes of Hughton supposedly, a
  6. I can picture Hughton walking circles around his office, biting his nails shouting “why won’t they call damn it” whilst his team, all dressed in black suits, pass glances at each other nervously, not knowing what to say to him.
  7. That was the first album I got on Britannia well ‘pocket full of kryptonite’ to give correct title, great tune and album. The singer got ill and lost his voice for a while but back playing now, saw them at the Fleece about 5 years ago, anyway back to slagging MA off
  8. If DH is so great, how many other Championships clubs have looked at Dean Holden and considered him as their next manager? If the answer you get is Zero, then why are we looking at him for our next manager? I can sort of understand giving the job to an ex club legend or something, player manager, first job in management, they’ve served as a player etc etc but Dean Holden doesn’t fit into that at all. Its such a massive risk any appointment but at least try and put the odds slightly in your favour and go with experience. Even LJ had some experience. The people making the de
  9. All the talk from Wednesdays fans is they want Cook!
  10. We’ve had some great left backs down the years as well but MS was def up there!
  11. Is that what has started this thread? Seriously? You need to get a grip OP!
  12. Hypocrites, also very poor to take something serious like redundancies and turn it into a dig at the club anyway, weird why they said we made 40 working class people redundant, I assume to make it sound more out of order, what is working class these days anyway?
  13. I agree, I certainly don’t see why any fans wouldn’t respect his record so far, yes he’s not done it at this level yet, but at least he has previous for promotions unlike LJ
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