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  1. New rug! Skin it off man, you’ve lost a lot of dignity signing for them, but don’t lose it all with Prince William Denial Syndrome! I was a sufferer until last year when I skinned my hair off, I’m a new man!
  2. We should have a sweepstake on the first ‘FFS’
  3. 100%, they mentioned it in their statement because they thought it meant he was innocent as there was no victim, otherwise why mention it at all, a complete lack of understanding which resulted in anger and confusion, whoever is in charge of their media had a shocker
  4. So he stays in his job for now, albeit see what happens at the next court appearance, I assume that’s before December? His job as manager for me is completely untenable, guilty or not guilty, as soon as they hit a bad patch the pressure will tell, he will kick off and the wheels fall off. I predict a brawl at training or after a game with JB in the middle of it. An absolute car crash of an appointment on all levels
  5. On Gaschat somebody pointed out that he’s had only one less court appearance than wins as manager! Taking to one side JB the person, his record as manager at Rovers was awful, he had more than enough time to steady the ship last season if he was as good as he thinks/says he is, but spent 17 games or whatever it was blaming the previous managers, the players etc etc. For Wael to then give him authority to sign players and start a new revolution seemed insane, as he certainly hasn’t proved he has the ability to do it. His position now is surely untenable, the players will have no respect for him as a manager or a person.
  6. Clifton suspension bridge “quite picturesque”
  7. Some good rave tunes in there, I don’t think you’d get away with band name Smart E’s today!!
  8. Is it Italy who give the Captains armband to the player with the most caps? I quite like that, purely based on appearances for the club, although the admin would be a ballache!
  9. To be fair I’d be savage if I was Liam Walsh, although I don’t know the history of exactly why he wants to play for Cooper, could have been BS for the media and fans, but still not great
  10. Yeh I appreciate there’s no cure, The link I shared was about the very same glasses you’ve mentioned
  11. When I first met my wife and I told her I was colour blind she said to me ‘you do realise I’m ginger don’t you!’ So glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know Dairy Milk has a purple wrapper!
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