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  1. I’m gutted he didn’t take a dump on the pitch if I’m being honest
  2. I know it’s the ‘daily hate’ but if you believe they drank 4/5 bottles of wine EACH then you will believe anything!
  3. David James debut after getting back from the World Cup with England, bet that was a reality check for him!
  4. Yeh Avoriaz is great too, stayed there on our last ski trip in 2018, white out nearly every day! Les Dues Alpes is worth a look as it’s a glacier so you can ski in summer!
  5. I’ve not been for a few years (really miss it) we love Morzine, only 1 hour transfer from Geneva, you can be skiing by lunch if you get an early flight!
  6. Bansko in Bulgaria was ridiculously cheap, an Irish Pub picked 4 of us up from our hotel, took us to the pub, we had 3 courses and loads of drinks, then they dropped us back, £10 each! And this was only 6/7 years ago. Not a patch on the alps for skiing mind!
  7. https://fsoa.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Smoke-Bombs-Flares-and-Fireworks-Factsheet-for-FSF1.docx
  8. At last some clarification! Good work! So does the term “pyrotechnic” include the smoke canisters or is that just the flares/firework types?
  9. I’m not, this isn’t complicated! If the banning reason is breathing then pyro should be banned from all events. If the banning reason is football fans being tossers literally then that means breathing isn’t the reason
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