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  1. Palmer, for me, is a waste of space, he’s barely ever delivered in his time at City and certainly didn’t on Tuesday night. If you are Palmer and you look at the bench today and you don’t make it, then your days are numbered.
  2. Crazy when we were sitting 8th at 90 minutes on Tuesday night!
  3. Ooooooh Alex Scott I can’t make head nor tail of your skill oooooh Alex Scott lets set sail for prem promotion now Then lots of do do do’s in line with the brass interlude
  4. To the tune of Baby Shark Alex Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Alec Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Alex Scott
  5. A colleague of mine lives in the same block as Simpson and apparently he’s flat out on the old Deliveroos!
  6. I didn’t think it was a pen, he was looking for it, I did notice he went down easy quite often, I don’t like to see that really but that’s modern football!
  7. …you always left the ground on 90 minutes you would have seen us gain 7 more points and we would be sitting 5th in the league! …we could keep the ball we might be able to see games out! in other news my Aunty is considering getting a pair so she can be my Uncle!
  8. Thanks, she was born 5 days before first lock down so it started off in very difficult times! Yep we have to win some time, and that time is tonight! COYR
  9. Notts County gave Juventus their kit back in the day hence why the ‘old lady’ play in black and white stripes! Those Nottingham guys are very charitable!
  10. It’s my first game since birth of my daughter and COVID hitting so I can’t see anything other than a huge win, 2-1 not a problem
  11. Relax, we will win Tuesday v Forest, it’s my first time back to AG in 19 months so it’s written, don’t worry about it
  12. The atmosphere v Man Utd was pretty good. It’s nothing to do with the new stadium or where fans are sitting, it’s about the dire performances served at home for a number of years which kill the atmosphere. If we are playing great and scoring goals then the atmosphere will be good.
  13. People moaning about the price of beer, but at least that’s been through a fermentation and refining process, where are the moans about the price of a coffee!
  14. Boris Johnson showing his skills at the start
  15. Personally Im hoping they win just enough to keep JB in the job and the fans get all excited about possible promotion, then in Nov JB gets convicted and the whole thing goes belly up and they bomb out big time
  16. On the outtakes from The Office, Lucy Davis, who plays Dawn, says that when people find out her dad is Jasper Carrot they always ask why she changed her surname to Davis. She replies with why did you think Carrot was his real surname!
  17. To the tune of Aga Do… At kin son son son Best defender in the league Atkin son son son From the old division 3 He plays left he plays right Jumps up and down for my City At kin son son son is the only one for me
  18. Watching this show is amazing how good they got under Keegan in that short period, some great players and they played great football at that time, the Andy Cole transfer was an odd one though!
  19. I’ve been really enjoying the Fever Pitch series on BBC, and low and behold City make an appearance in episode 3 when Keegan took over at Newcastle and we were the first opponents! Without googling it I’m remembering a 5-0 thumping??
  20. I don’t mind it, for me it enforces that there is only one team in Bristol so they don’t need to define it!
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