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  1. To the tune of Aga Do… At kin son son son Best defender in the league Atkin son son son From the old division 3 He plays left he plays right Jumps up and down for my City At kin son son son is the only one for me
  2. Watching this show is amazing how good they got under Keegan in that short period, some great players and they played great football at that time, the Andy Cole transfer was an odd one though!
  3. I’ve been really enjoying the Fever Pitch series on BBC, and low and behold City make an appearance in episode 3 when Keegan took over at Newcastle and we were the first opponents! Without googling it I’m remembering a 5-0 thumping??
  4. I don’t mind it, for me it enforces that there is only one team in Bristol so they don’t need to define it!
  5. I think at least now under NP he’s playing regularly and playing well so I’d we are to have any chance of him signing a new contract it’s now
  6. What it is ain’t exactly clear! keep thinking of these lyrics in relation to the current situ. Definitely shoots of change and progress, but I don’t know what that means exactly or where we will end up, but I like it so far, COYR! https://youtu.be/gp5JCrSXkJY
  7. But will they stock the socks from the 3rd Goalkeeper kit?
  8. Joey spotted by my mate this morning in Clifton, possibly looking for a bargain in Oxfam?
  9. Sitting on a toilet with ski boots and salopettes on is one of the hardest manoeuvres known to man!
  10. And also we lost 4 points with the last kick of two games pretty much, which would have put us on 13 on the edge of playoff places, which would have been a great start. Fine margins obviously and we need to start seeing games out, but it’s not all bad, can’t see us going down or anything, but we need to start getting home wins to galvanise the fans
  11. He’s hardly going to start slagging Ashton off in public is he!
  12. To be fair the atmosphere was crap most of the time for the last 30 years ive been going, the redevelopment has nothing to do with it at all. If the games good, and we are playing well, then the atmosphere is great, if the game is poor and we are playing poor it’s rubbish, that’s just the way it is. The atmosphere at the Man Utd game in the newly developed ground was immense, so that proves that the atmosphere can be great in the new ground
  13. I took my nephew for the first time when he was about 6, he was bored sh*tless (it was that cup game v Sheff Wed we lost 3-0 so it was sh*t) but we got him to count the crowd which kept him entertained! He’s now nearly 18 and has a season ticket!
  14. Not the current German Team, previous generations maybe
  15. It’s all pantomime though isn’t it, I’m sure the ex players don’t go home crying about it saying ‘why have they turned on me”
  16. But that’s not been an issue as the clubs he’s played for have won everything pretty much, and they have based there game around him, you seem to be suggesting his conversion rate is poor which is mental when he’s scored more than any other player in history bar Messi
  17. No the pass to Semenyo was a backheel from HNM, they missed it off that clip but Sky Sports News showed it
  18. That’s why statistics are misleading, and the only one that counts for a striker is how many goals they score and for Ronaldo that is most definitely not average! 674 in 897 games at the top top level winning everything you can pretty much as a player (bar the World Cup)
  19. I never understand why when a player gets dogs abuse from the crowd for 90 minutes, has enough and gives the crowd the V’s or something, and the same crowd dishing it out go berserk and the player gets a ban! Football logic is weird
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