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  1. 7 hours ago, IdliketoRogerMoore said:

    This got to number 1 recently! 

    I said, certified freak
    Seven days a week
    Wet-ass pussy
    Make that pull-out game weak, woo (ah)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah, you ******* with some wet-ass pussy
    Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
    Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy

    Touching lyrics

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  2. 18 hours ago, ExiledAjax said:

    @REDOXO I hope you don't mind but I have copied the text in question as I think Gregor explains his issue quite well. If Nigel only does in-house media then the club control the narrative completely. We all heard the sycophantic commentary on RobinsTV last season, and a lack of third-party media coverage only serves to allow the club to put out more items in that vein. 

    Gregor's argument is as follows:

    "No show Nigel and Francois steals it

    Pearson chose not to do any independent media after the game, speaking only briefly to the club's own media channels instead. It was a disappointing decision from someone who only months ago 'hit out' at club-controlled media, arguing the merits of non-club questioning.

    Of course, this is only pre-season, to keep things in perspective, and a one-off disappearing act is no big deal, with the manager promising to speak on Saturday after the MK Dons game. It was however the first time in the almost five years of this reporter's time covering the club that a manager has refused to speak to the press or radio after a pre-season game.

    To explain the difference, Robins TV front-man Ian Downs asked few questions on the many missing players on Tuesday, in a post-match chat with Pearson on the club channels. There were no mentions of Ryley Towler, Alex Scott, Joe Williams, Callum O'Dowda, Han-Noah Massengo, Sam Bell and James Morton, who were when not involved in this encounter, but with plenty of fans eager to know of their whereabouts. Also why Nathan Baker departed the match at the 45-minute mark: pre-planned or injury-related?

    Pearson has had an at-times strained relationship with the media across his career and here's hoping all round that this was just a blip. The former Leicester City boss may have had his own reasons for passing up the chance to speak, though nothing was conveyed.

    There is no need to speak on every occasion, certainly, though the manager has been little available over the last months bar for club interviews. At a time when scrutiny, transparency and local journalism is much needed, it was a worrying sign and something we hope is buried into insignificance all too quickly. Supporters always deserve answers, given the club is built upon their passion and means.

    In stark contrast Danny Cowley was generous with his time speaking to the media following the match. The former Huddersfield Town boss explained that young winger Marlee Francois - another key facet of the game that Pearson wasn't asked about - was offered to Pompey to use as they didn't have enough players to complete the match. The have-nots coming up trumps, as Francois netted a late equaliser against his own club."

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  3. 17 hours ago, Kingswood Robin said:

    The charts just as I finished my A Levels. A couple of dark years for chart music was to come (Mr Blobby/Barbie Girl absolute Kak), until it all came alive again around 95/96.

    Some good rave tunes in there, I don’t think you’d get away with band name Smart E’s today!!

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  4. 1 hour ago, westonred said:

    Ironic that Liam Walshs main reason for signing for Swansea was to play under Cooper

    To be fair I’d be savage if I was Liam Walsh, although I don’t know the history of exactly why he wants to play for Cooper, could have been BS for the media and fans, but still not great

  5. 5 hours ago, Sleepy1968 said:

    There is no cure for inherited colour blindness. If there were every optician that I've ever seen would be trying to upsell me. You can however, get glasses to help with some types of acquired colour-blindness (at least according to the spec-savers aussie website.)

    Yeh I appreciate there’s no cure, The link I shared was about the very same glasses you’ve mentioned

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  6. 12 hours ago, GreedyHarry said:

    **** me. I’ve just learnt that today. Purple is my nemesis. Either blue or pink to me. Quite often I guess it’s purple when I can’t decide which colour it is, but Dairy Milk being purple never occurred to me.

    My worst error was buying ink cartridges for school. We had to have blue or black ink. There was a great offer on “Peacock Blue” so I bought a job lot and was pleased as punch until the **** of an English teacher refused to mark my work as apparently it was turquoise.

    My biggest error was wearing my Dads white shirt to school when mine were all dirty and not realising it was very pale pink!

  7. 27 minutes ago, Steve Watts said:

    Genuine question and 100% not a piss take....but how do you cope with the City kit and the pitch?

    I’m colour blind and red/green and blue/purple are the biggest clash.  I’m 42 and I only found out last year that Dairy Milk wrappers are purple and not dark blue, true story!

    re: City players wearing red on green pitch it has no impact for me, I guess I know City play in red so not a problem!  

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  8. On 04/07/2021 at 07:11, Tinmans Love Child said:

    Drinking to get over yet another “tactically inept” performance? 😂😂

    How are you feeling after another “tactically inept” performance? 😂😂

  9. 35 minutes ago, Paulton Red said:

    Probably not the first post about this but today I got a text asking me to renew my membership for £25.

    I click the link which says it’s £26 because there’s a compulsory £1 booking fee, and then I get a £1 postage fee.

    why the **** don’t they just say it’s £27?

    I now feel like I’m being conned, it’s not like they need to keep the headline cost low to be competitive, I’m not gonna get a gas membership because it’s £2 cheaper.

    just pisses me off, I’ve not renewed, probably will, but might not

    Just tell the truth...renew your membership for £27

    (Having a bad day and this just wound me up more...rant over, thanks for listening)

    Unfortunately if they lump it in and say it’s £27 someone else will start a thread saying “why are there hidden charges, they should be transparent” etc etc

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  10. 12 hours ago, Redpool said:

    take a good hard look?

    Why? We were poor tonight and it was no "masterclass" by Southgate. Quite simply, Germany didn't show up. If they did, that games over by half time. Again, Southgate got his tactics wrong with an entire defensive setup. Quite interesting that when he brings on Grealish, the game opens up and his involvement leads to our two goals. 

    Yes, Kane scored. But apart from that. What else did he contribute? Diddly squat

    Two good goals scored. But that does not mask another poor and tactically inept performance.

    Southgate needs to grow a pair and drop either Rice or Phillips (presumably Phillips) and put in a creative player such as Foden or Grealish. He cannot continue with such a negative and boring setup which will eventually catch us out. 

    Serious question, are you on the wind up?

    You suggest that if Germany had turned up to the game then they would have won it by half time? Really?  Are we talking about the same Germany who lost to France and drew with Hungary, conceding goals along the way, and certainly not the force they were?  I saw no evidence prior to this game that England had much to worry about from Germany, especially as our defence has been very good in every game, and I was genuinely confident.

    we won the game playing defensively, so Southgate got his tactics 100% correct if his objective was to keep it tight and win the game.  If his objective was to win 5 - 4 playing Keegan football then I could agree, but with this England team it was never an option IMO.

    Apart from the Sterling dodgy pass, from which Germany nearly and should have scored, I really can’t see how this was a poor and inept performance by England.  We created chances, kept it tight, scored two goals.  Yes Scotland game wasn’t great, but Scotland played well I thought. 

    I do agree that Kane has not been at the races, but his goal keeps him in the team I think.  With confidence up I can see the same starting 11 playing even better on Saturday.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Redpool said:

    So, Spurs without a Manager/Head Coach in over 2 months.

    Tried to lure back Pochettino, PSG saying he's going nowhere

    Rumour of Conte coming in, but either Conte believes Spurs are no way near challenging and lack ambition or Conte disapproves of using the youth players

    Spurs then target former Roma Boss Fonseca, the man who was replaced by Mourinho...couldn't get more Spursy

    Rumour then Gattuso was the target, which caused a huge backlash with the fans. So the club pulled out.


    I think it's fair to say Tottenham have outdone us! What a shambles they are right now.


    Shambles is probably not quite the right term I’d say!  😂

  12. 6 minutes ago, cityloyal473 said:

    The chase for perfection in football is succinctly encapsulated by VAR.  Perfection and entertainment in football are not complementary bedfellows. 

    Agreed, it’s a shame that those marginal offsides are now a thing of the past, every fan could accept a decision against them when it’s a very close call as you know it’s a split second decision and sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t (the old “it evens itself out” mantra), I don’t think football fans want 100% correct decisions at the expense of stopping the game for 5 mins for somebody to watch video replays!

    It comes back to my earlier post on the financial pressures, managers want VAR because a dodgy call by the ref could cost them their job, so they’ve pushed for it for years to get them off the hook, but it’s a double edged sword

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Robbored said:

    That depends on how attack minded a manager is and why I fondly remember the Danny Wilson era. Such great on the front foot attacking football with likes of Tinnion and Murray with Peacock or Thorpe heading the scoring charts. I was out of my seat every time Murray got the ball.

    Its right that football these days is less exciting. Managers are afraid to get beaten and flair players like CoD are stifled and the team set up with a defensive mindset. It’s a real shame but sadly that’s the way it is.

    Southgate is afraid to lose and watching England is just like looking at the grass grow. I really hope he unleashes Grealish tonight - the one England player who’d put the fear into the Jocks but somehow I doubt he’ll get to start.

    I think the fear of losing outweighs the benefits of winning these days, possibly due to the financial stakes at play which are put onto the manager and therefore players.  This results in a style of play which  is more sterile.  The Kevin Keegan, Danny Wilson styles of gung ho attitudes are long gone I think, as managers don’t have the luxury anymore

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  14. 46 minutes ago, Leveller said:

    What was the keeper doing out there?

    Keeper out of position defo but the guy trying a shot from 40 yards which got blocked was the start of it, very poor

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