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  1. 2 hours ago, Selred said:

    I still don't believe that fans should have to pay £30 for a Bristol City t-shirt. That's extremely expensive in my opinion and prices out a lot of fans. 

    Horrendous is also subjective, that "Bristol" inspired drumstick-esque shirt in my opinion is horrendous. 

    They don’t have to pay £30, no one is forced to buy anything.  If can cost £30 to watch a game for 90 minutes, so a T Shirt you can get years of wear out of is pretty reasonable to me

  2. On 02/06/2021 at 21:32, ralphindevon said:

    I did the Robins foundation lotto for a while, in fact I think I had 2 stints of doing it but stopped as it always felt so badly run.

    If your asking people to contribute regularly, even if it is for a good cause, then keep the communications going so people feel involved. I appreciate the people running it won’t be earning a fortune but It’s not rocket science or expensive to send out regular emails to keep people informed. 

    I even had a free gift for starting the lotto, about a month 8 months after I’d started it and a month after I’d finished 

    I contacted them a couple of years back as I felt there was no transparency in the lotto and they were opening themselves up a bit, so I suggested they post somewhere what the winning numbers were each week along with the winners names so you can check, and they did bring this in.  I’ve only won once in years but that’s not why I’m in it.  You can tell I’m an Internal Auditor!

  3. This is good and bad really, good that the debts gone but bad that yet again we are losing millions.  Taking aside COVID, this happens almost every season, and that’s because of players salaries, which is a joke when you look at the performances on the pitch! Anyway modern football I guess!

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  4. On 29/05/2021 at 02:57, BritAbroad said:

    Bad management has gotten the club into this situation. Covid has exacerbated things, but clubs like Weds and Derby have spent well outside their means for years, and nobody seems to learn.

    I remember a few seasons back the owner asked the fans to pay more to watch games so the club could pay for better players, ridiculous!  

    I see from comment above it was away fans getting charged more!  Even more ridiculous! 

  5. 22 minutes ago, lukebcfc1989 said:

    In my time I have incomprehensively Witnessed:






    Sheffield United





    And now soon to be Brentford all bypass my "well run" football club to the premier League.

    At different times over the last 20 years we have been a promotion rival or considered a dominant team in comparison to (Brighton, Blackpool, Brentford, Bournemouth).

    Each season as a City fan we have been considered to have "Money" to splash in comparison to these clubs, we have never experienced financial issues and have at times over the last 20 years had the much better team in failed seasons.

    Hard to pinpoint when our missed opportunity was but i go back to the Danny Wilson era.

    Division 1 football with that team Tinnion, Murray, Doherty, Matt Hill, Danny Coles, Aaron Brown after 02/03 the correct buys with that foundation we should have been doing what Wigan did at least if potential was fulfilled.

    The Gary Johnson promotion and play off final was just that "The Gary Johnson promotion and play off final" He got us promoted with mid table League 1 quality players and failed to refresh the squad at the right time as Keith Millen eluded to in the recent podcast.

    I will always wonder what could of been if we had another manager but Wilson.

    Is it all down to luck? or where would you say we have gone wrong?

    To be fair to GJ, that bunch of League 1 quality players were in the top two of the Championship with Watford (I think?) for most of that season, and just fell short, which says they were pretty good.  In the playoff final we just didn’t turn up, Hull were no better really.  

    It’s easy to say signing different players might have resulted in promotion, but as we know from the last few years, sometimes new signings go the other way and we might have missed out completely on the playoffs.

    In recent years our problem has been selling all of our best players, ripping the heart and soul out of the promotion winning squad, and not adequately replacing them (Bryan, Reid, Ayling, Flint, Freeman, Pack, Smith)  There were a few exceptions like Webster who came in but we sold him straight away.  With that sort of short term strategy any manager basically has one season to be successful, otherwise your best players will be sold!


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  6. 5 hours ago, Bristol Rob said:

    See Joey has decided to overcome the goal scoring issues from last season with a new formation based entirely on season ticket sales.



    Out of interest, what were their season ticket sales in the last normal season I.e. 19/20?  Just wondered how this compared?

  7. 9 hours ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

    Erm, Kodjia, Abraham, Agard, Wilbraham, Pitman, Diedhiou, Baldock, Davies, Maynard...

    Shame we don’t get to keep these sort of players for longer than 1-2 seasons as all could/should hit 50 goals if they do!

    This shows how Fam has either been out injured a fair bit, completely out of form, or a product of our bad football, that he only got to 51 in his time here

  8. I played in Goal because of my asthma (and not because I was fat!).  I had the yellow and black striped keeper kit, worn by Keith Welch, which I loved!  When I was older I played in Goal for RMC Wick with the Grandfather of Ryley Towler!

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  9. 3 hours ago, Bobbie said:

    David James takes some beating (or not if you’re trying to score past him) 

    His last game before signing was for England at the World Cup, his first game for us he got 3 put past him v Millwall if I remember correctly! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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  10. 5 hours ago, Malago said:

    So how come Wycombe and Rotherham, both of whom are in the top right quadrants for high press and low number of passes per shot, were both relegated?

    The only statistic that matters is how many points you got at the end of the season compared to the other teams, which I think is probably your point!

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  11. I can’t say I’m bothered about any of those players leaving, we needed a clear out and a fresh start, it’s been obvious that somethings not been right in the camp for a few seasons.

    I’m sure a few more contracted players will also leave as I’m sure NP has advised all if they will feature in his plans or not.

    This all feels like a new era which is exciting after a largely dull few years!

  12. 4 hours ago, fgrsimon said:

    Mawson or Baker? 

    Maybe one, definitely not both. 

    Has Mawson done both knees now? Could be the case that repairs are stronger than the originals. Possibly worth a gamble because he is Premier League quality when fully fit. He doesn't appear to suffer from minor/maginary injuries that have always meant Baker missed so many games every season. 

    It's a shame that both of them appear to be made of china. Fully fit Mason & Baker would be a superb Championship combination.

    For me we need to build the team up around a solid spine that will be ever present, so to have a central defence with either Mawson or Baker at it’s heart is the wrong call, we need someone who is going to stay fit

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  13. 1 hour ago, CyderInACan said:

    This is just ridiculous. This season we scored just 6 more goals than the gas and conceded just 2 goals less. To "celebrate" their relegation is maybe worth a slight chuckle but let's not kid ourselves, this could have quite easily been us going down. 

    Yes, they're rubbish. But we're only ever so slightly less rubbish. This is tinpot. 

    If Rovers fans would have done this we would all be laughing at them for being tinpot, I mean if the execution of the joke would have been better it would have helped, but it’s embarrassing for all concerned I would say

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  14. I went to IKEA this afternoon and spotted a range of kids plates called Kalas, I don’t know what this means but seemed appropriate to a thread called Kalas!

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  15. 1 hour ago, Kodjias Wrist said:

    Yes its rife at that club. I've had some of their lot tell me they sell out every away game. Haha what a ridiculous statement that is and when I got the stats up to disprove they disagreed and said it was inaccurate. 

    Classic Donald Trump approach, just say the stats are incorrect when you don’t like what they say!

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