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  1. Just watching the Match of the Day top 10 episode on Cult Hero’s (a great series if you’ve not watched it), and was thinking who my top 10 City cult hero’s are. Here’s mine in no particular order: 1) Scott Murray 2) Adriano Basso 3) Jackie Dzachinovski (I can’t remember how to spell it sorry) 4) Aden Flint 5) JET 6) Tinnion 7) Tommy Doc 8 ) Mickey Bell 9) Bas Savage (for all the wrong reasons!) 10) Albert Adomah
  2. You are missing out, it’s a great police drama, catch up on BBC Player or Netflix
  3. I blame Frank Fielding getting sent off v Wolves when we were 1-0 and cruising, we lost it after that, a real sliding doors moment
  4. I think DM came in at a particularly bad time, similar to now in fact, I would have liked to have seen him get a chance at a point when in and off the field we weren’t such a mess
  5. The thing is it’s all very well saying they won’t be renewing contracts of players from the academy for whom we paid no fee, but a different story with players we paid for, as ultimately offering no new deal means the player could stick around running the clock down (not great for morale in the camp) or you need to try and shirt them quick which is not easy if the player is over the hill! Not an easy task for Nige this if he stays
  6. It highlights that this trial period thing has given SL a headache he didn’t expect. I’m sure after the first few games we all thought the ship would steady, positive signs would be evident, Nige gets a long term deal, happy days. I don’t think anyone envisaged how bad the form has been since those first couple of games, and that has then created a very strange situation where doubts start to creep in about Nige being the man. I think he should be given the job based on his previous credentials and the job that is needed, so the lack of form in the last few months shouldn’t sway that, class is permanent form is temporary, Nige knows as we all do that a huge overall of players is needed, and I expect this has given him more leverage to get more ££££ to spend
  7. Not sure about that, you need a blend across the club of experience and different backgrounds, would you get rid of Tinnion as well for the same reasons?
  8. Joey Barton had 16 games to show how brilliant he thinks he is! I know it’s not his players, but surprised he’s being devolved of any responsibility!
  9. Bakinson is the new Joe Bryan I.e. scorer of great goals!
  10. What I find odd is that on GasChat not one person is calling out Wael. As they say, the fish rots from the head, and although he’s chucked some money into pay debts and buy a “training ground” the culture at Rovers from top to bottom is clearly a mess and culture stems from the leaders of your organisation. Players being unprofessional, managers being unprofessional, terrible stadium, terrible recruitment, they are an utter utter shambles. What a shame
  11. If Wimbledon win tonight the gaps 9 points to Wigan as it stands so would need snookers, it’s as good as done I think
  12. And now your gonna believe us? Bottom after 5 mins, enjoy the moment
  13. I posted so long ago I can’t even remember what the thread was about!
  14. 0.92 points per game so far, with 5 games to go, that gives them say another 4/5 points and I can’t see 43 being enough, especially if any of the other teams get something from the games in hand. They also don’t have a good goal difference which is worth a point. So 5 points, 5 draws or 1 win and 2 draws still seems pretty tough with the fixtures they have left. I can see them getting 1 win against maybe Crewe or MK Dons, but more than 2 wins I just can’t see it, especially with their lack of goals and terrible defence, but not counting any chickens, a lot of bad teams down there!
  15. I’m pretty sure Nige will have a media persona and then one for man management, and the players will know that as well, sometimes you have to say things for the cameras
  16. I went to Kavos in 98 and 99 and even managed to get featured on Greece Uncovered dancing to The Wurzels, we hadn’t even had a drink and had just gone out when the camera crew got us up on stage in Features bar, very embarrassing! Kavos was like that bar in Star Wars! Good times but can I clarify, I never slept with Ryan Giggs wife!
  17. I didn’t call her a ‘slag’ FYI, I was commenting on somebody else who said she was. In my experience you never here of a man being called a ‘slag’ or similar for sleeping around but a woman always is. I don’t agree with this in the slightest hence my comment.
  18. It’s funny how if a woman likes to sleep around she’s a ‘slag’ but a man would most likely be considered a ‘legend’ for doing the same
  19. I spotted that, I assumed they didn’t know what sort of yo-yo club we were so hedged their bets with league 1 or 2!
  20. Agreed this site is good for looking at promotion / relegation, https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/ I think we have the points already, but we are good away from home so will get a few more points before end of season. Talk of we have to win today is rubbish
  21. Don’t apologise, it was a general point, there is no way I could know if all City fans would want Jose without asking them all and I don’t have that kind of time, so please accept my apologies if you were offended
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