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  1. By setting a deadline they knew it would go one of two ways I.e. Deal or No Deal, therefore surely you have a plan for both, and contingency for worst case scenario, the leak is irrelevant, you should plan for the worst, but this seems like a growing theme with Wael
  2. What blows my mind is Rovers fans still sticking up for Wael, he must have known the deadline that they set with UWE, he would have known when the deadline was set that it was going to get pulled, it was just a formality, so therefore he must have known that the proverbial was going to hit the fan, and he still went on holiday, or decided to go on holiday so he wasn't here to take questions, either way it's very very poor from Wael and he looks like a massive bottler. And to cap it all they put that joker Hamer out in the media and he has an absolute Teresa May! Yet still some Rovers fans stick up for him and think it's part of some master plan! It literally blows my mind how some can stay loyal
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-england-bristol-40802327?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=5983415fe4b0c2b9f12652a8%26Rovers chairman Steve Hamer reacts to stadium announcement%26&ns_fee=0#post_5983415fe4b0c2b9f12652a8 I would be very worried if I was a Rovers fan having watched that Hamer interview, sounded as though he had little or no idea about anything that went on, he says 'I Think' a lot but can't back anything up. He didn't know why Rovers put their own self inforced deadline on the negotiations, he didn't know why the deadline wasn't met by UWE, or explain why UWE still seem keen but Rovers pulled out? His interview posed more questions that answers! When asked about upgrading the Mem, he says something like we want to improve wherever Rovers play, which would send alarm bells that the Mem is at risk and they could be going elsewhere
  4. Quite surprised reading GasChat, not one of them wanted the UWE to happen really and this is great news all round!
  5. The irony of this post is off the scale!
  6. What's all this plastic nonsense I hear regularly? If you were a plastic fan you wouldn't be supporting us, you'd go to Man Utd, Chelsea etc etc, utter nonsense
  7. Why do they persist in waxing lyrical about how many they take to Wembley, how many they took to Chelsea in the cup, and any away attendance in general, whilst patting each other on the back, when it only highlights how little support they get for their home games? If I was them I'd be slamming the fair weather fans as they should be selling out every home game, not averaging 9k or whatever it is
  8. Here at the stats, 1983 the last time Rovers had a higher average attendance I think, 24 years, then before that 1965 I think
  9. God I love Rovers fans mocking our attendances, always makes me laugh! I almost want them to get promoted (and us stay up) so we can have a like for like comparison, but even then there would be suggestions that official figures for them were too low etc etc. What I don't understand is why they are so obsessed with attendances, the facts are there for all to see, they have not averaged higher attendances than us for decades, yes they have good away support, FairPlay, but surely this just highlights how poor their home attendances have been?
  10. Those old enough to remember remember you playing at Twerton Park
  11. 8,089 in attendance, I assume it's really 10,000 plus?
  12. Last nights crowd is up to 5000+ already on Gaschat!
  13. All the excuses coming out on gaschat, other home games coming up, Christmas not far away, cold and rainy Tuesday night in November etc etc
  14. Even in our darkest season of 82 we averaged more than you! Yet....
  15. 4 years after we were in the top flight which you've never been in?
  16. You are going back 34 years to try and win an argument? Oh dear
  17. So we average 20k at home, they average 10k at home, we have average higher away attendances, they haven't averaged higher home attendances in more than 30 years, do any of these facts ever get hired on gaschat?
  18. They should spend less time boasting about their away followings and questioning why they only get 8,000 at home games, how embarrassing to take 4,000 to Chelsea when they only get double that at home
  19. What happened to those games in hand? Ooops
  20. What happened to the other 3500 fans who went to Chelsea? With all the 'plastic fan' grief they give us I assumed they always took 4K to away games?
  21. Amazingly on Gaschat there are the odd few using phrases like 'forward thinking' for this stall?? Some on there are happy because it was no worse than the other stalls, which sums up expectations really
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