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  1. The groundsman at the Memorial needs to sort his lines out, playing havoc with my OCD!
  2. Whenever I get asked if I support City or Rovers, I used to say 'I think I remember a club called Rovers, didn't they used to play in the football league?' however now I just say 'I support City, I've never heard of Bristol Rovers' and that usually gets the response I'm after!
  3. If you really want to get technical then no! The truth is I couldn't remember how to spell 'allegedly' when I posted originally so I plumped for 'previous' with a caveat in brackets. Subsequently I have got my act together in order to find out how to spell allegedly properly (as you can see)!
  4. Rovers have just signed Cristian Montano who has previous for match fixing and rape (both charges dropped), sounds like a lovely chap
  5. It was recently voted the nations favourite bird http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/robin-crowned-as-britains-national-bird-after-200000strong-ballot-10311482.html
  6. They sound like somebody you would see on The Apprentice!
  7. FairPlay, if you can't laugh at yourself there's something wrong!
  8. Wasn't it the Rovers Twitter feed that released the picture? They should have a word with them as the story would not have come out without that picture
  9. I saw them driving down the ring road near Frenchay earlier, reminded me of the scene from Mike Bassett England Manager!
  10. So by that rationale, should celebrations be on a scale depending on the level of achievement? Chelsea fans are allowed to celebrate the most, then Bournemouth fans but not quite as much, we were allowed a slightly less jubilant celebration etc etc maybe you think the open top bus parade for City was too much considering it's only league 1? You are talking absolute nonsense I'm afraid, we can all mock getting back into the league etc and it's fair banter, but to say they shouldn't have celebrated as much as they did is rediculous and only a completely biased football fan would think otherwise.
  11. Really? If City would have been so humiliated I would have been celebrating just as much as the Rovers fans did, if you don't celebrate winning promotion (whatever the level) there is something wrong with you. I hate the Rovers as much as the next man but they are just football fans supporting their team, same as us
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